The Benefits of Using Recycled Wood for Doors

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The decision to take part in the global movement for environmentally driven and globally conscious day-to-day lifestyle choices is not an easy one. It entails a lot of sacrifices and requires the need to constantly learn. The good thing is that we are the ones who will eventually reap the rewards of this decision.

If you are in the process of designing your home, or completing a house renovation project, you are presented with another chance to choose the green side. Either you opt for all new fixtures and materials, or pick recycled ones; for instance, recycled wood for your interior and exterior doors.

In order for us to aptly weigh the merits of using recycled wood, here are a list of its advantages.


Recycled wood does not pale in comparison with the new ones when it comes to aesthetics department. These materials are equipped with their own charm since they normally come with nice and quirky features such as nail holes, color checks, bolt holes, and weathered finish.

Character and History

Aside from their obvious charm, recycled wood materials have their own history that further amplifies their character. Since they are pre-loved, and have been culled from all parts of the globe– thus ensuring myriad cultural and traditional heritage, they come with their own story to tell. Owning them is like taking part in a long and enduring custom and this is one surefire way to spice up you house’s personality.

Durability and Stability

Recycled wood materials, especially those that date back to the older ways and practices in wood manufacturing, prove more reliable and practical compared to new wood—even those kiln-dried varieties. Take for example the less dense new lumber products which normally contain sapwood, increased moisture, and looser and larger knots, due to the fact that they have been derived from younger wood sources. Old and recycled wood materials, on the other hand, have been culled from sturdier and older trees back when wood harvest was yet to encounter old wood scarcity.



This is, arguably, the most environmentally-relevant benefit which old recycled wood materials can boast of. Customers who purchase new wood unwittingly contribute to the ecological risks associated with the inherent processes in logging and shipping of newly harvested wood.

These benefits should be pondered on by every home builder and owner before making their decision to buy either new or recycled wood materials for their doors. Same goes with home essentials like walls, cabinets, tables, and other house fixtures.

Jove Arthur is a self-taught craftsman who owns a part-time custom furniture shop. He is also a manager at Door Emporium, an AAW custom exterior door company.


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