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Receiving compensation is something that most of us receive at some point during our lives for one reason or another.

Many just receive a small amount in the form of a lump sum and that’s the end of it, however if your sum is large many receive the money through incremental amounts each month which can often prove extremely annoying.

While being paid monthly is like having a job, you never really get the chance to enjoy the whole amount like you should be able to and this can be the most frustrating part.

Many companies latched onto this fact and decided to offer people a lump sum that is less than the original amount and assume control of the monthly payments and thus make a long term profit that way.

People will think this is unethical or immoral; I just see it as logical, if you want access to your money, take a cut in the total sum and receive it straight away to do what you like with it.

See the world

Seeing through binacularYou only get one life and seeing the world is a truly great thing to do with the time you have. It is obviously important to keep track of what you are spending and make sure what needs to be taken care of is taken care of but if you have spare capital then please do explore.

Accepting a structured settlement payout can give you the flexibility to decide what you want to do and when to do it.

Having that lump sum enables you to spend your money in the way you actually want to, not what your incremental monthly payment allows.

I stress the fact that you have to keep on top of what you owe out to people and bills but once that is taken care of then explore and investigate this wonderful world.

If you have a partner then both take a year out of work and travel and if you want to go it alone then so be it. There are so many beautiful cities to explore and having access to a vast amount of money allows you to do this.

While it may be more difficult to hold yourself back you have to, make sure some is saved and the rest can be spent.

Do as you please

There are very few of us who can have access to a huge lump sum of money and have nothing fundamentally to spend it on. It is times like this that Imoney advise you to do as you please, live your life and explore all there is to explore.

You will regret it in the long run if you save the money and live a frugal life. Just go for it people, hit the town and splash the cash, you only live once and if there is spare capital enrich your memory. It is one thing that can’t be bought.

Wasn’t your money to start with

Final and brief point is that it wasn’t your money to start with; treat anything you do as a gift from god. Explore the world free of cost and think without your claim or lottery win you wouldn’t have had the money anyway.

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