The Future Of Renewable Energy

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solar windIt’s interesting that renewable energy is still a buzzword still after its fluctuation in prominence over the years.

Renewable energy was seen as the savior of the world until people started to realize it’s extremely expensive to install and the returns are often not that great.

While it’s important to conserve energy as the oil and coal is not unlimited it is difficult to quantify a problem that will only affect the earth hundreds of years in the future.

Obviously we all have some form of moral obligation to protect the world we live in and anything we do to help is a benefit, most of us don’t see it that way and I can see why.

I mean the only realistic way renewable energy will raise to the heights first expected is if government intervention and initiative pushes it financially and creates a mass nationalization of this as a way to run our country efficiently.

I can’t see it myself. This article will highlight the current situation with regards to renewable energy in the UK and then show the direction it may take in years to come.

Solar and Wind

The current state of affairs is a sorry one in the UK. Schools and wealthy companies have installed solar panels on their roofs in order to fulfill a perverse sense of environmental friendship.

The fact of the matter is these things don’t really do that much, after all we live in England; it’s not exactly the Bahamas is it.

Wind turbines you see at the top of our hills do create a good deal of energy for the neighboring towns however the cost of them just isn’t worth it.

Instillation is expensive and the energy produced is often pretty temperamental, see at the moment the heat wave we are experiencing, that town will be receiving very little in the form of energy generated from the turbines.

The inefficiency of these things just doesn’t justify the hype around them; while the idea of them is ok in practice (in the UK) they are just pretty irrelevant.

The Cost and Mindset

People just aren’t really that bothered, why try and employ these forms of energy when you can just turn the light on.

It really isn’t people’s best interests currently; we are in a period of economic downturn so why now consider paying for the cost of renewable energy.

That said, if the government was to introduce a system of incentives or laws that force renewaable energy upon us then things will be different but I believe it has to come from the top.

If big business got on board in conjunction with the government then people will start to take note but again it’s a slow and arduous process.


There are revolutionary technologies out there that are rising to prominence. Companies such as Vector Foiltec have created a unique Texlon cushioning system that increases the efficient use of the suns rays.

This technology has already been used worldwide by huge corporations and governments and while there is a cost the efficient of this product is unprecedented.

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