The Spending And Shopping Habits Of Generation X

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Different people have different reactions to various marketing campaigns, sales, and strategies.

These differences can depend on a lot of factors, with one of the biggest factors being generation.

In this article we’ll take an in-depth look at Generation X spending habits.

Who Are These Generation X People?

Generation X, those who were born between the years of 1964 and 1977, make up approximately 44 million consumers. Those from Generation X tend to be independently-minded and have a keen understanding of the way marketing and media operates.

For those of Generation X, research is a crucial part of the buying process. Part of this reliance on research has to do with the fact that many Gen-Xers have a somewhat cynical outlook on life.

Members of Generation X are, in general, quite proficient with computers and the Internet and make great use of the web to help them reinforce the opinions they have on various brand and products.

Approximately 86 percent of Generation X members consider access to online services to be a vital part of their everyday life.

Members of Generation X also use this information to make sure they are getting the best deal they possibly can, and to make sure that marketers are not taking advantage of them.

In fact, Generation X members are more likely than the average person to have been influenced by some sort of media before shopping.

In addition, Generation X members are more likely to use their phones or online services to actually shop, use applications, play games, and employ other functions previous generations aren’t quite so quick to pick up on.

A Surprising Generation X Shopping Habit: Department Store Shopping

Almost one-fifth of all adult shoppers frequenting department stores are adults between the ages of 30 and 44. These shoppers are very keen on making sure they appear to be trendy, especially in the eyes of their children.

More than perhaps any other generation, those of Generation X are likely to admit that their children significantly impact the brands they choose.

In addition, department store shoppers from this generation find themselves influenced by what is hot and trendy at the moment, including products endorsed by celebrities.

In the Matter of Finance

Those members of Generation X with department store shopping habits are likely to have a household income of over $100,000. A larger number also hold college degrees and hold down full time jobs.

This extra income means that Generation X shoppers aren’t as afraid as many previous generations to spend a little extra and to buy the luxury goods they want.

That’s not to say that Generation Xers are willing to throw away money at anything that appears to be hip, trendy, or luxurious.

Despite the fact that they are extraordinary shoppers in the prime of their financial lives, many search around for the best deals and coupons they can get their hands on. While those of Generation X may love superior quality, they also love to get a good deal.

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