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goodwill-signThe Non-Profit sector of the American economy is extensive. In addition to providing millions of jobs all across the nation, it assists people in need and exemplifies the goodwill inherent in humanity both nationally and internationally. The largest of these organizations make differences on a global scale. The breadth is not merely measured by financial power and name recognition, it is measured based on the amount of good which they bring into the world.


This organization focuses on community. Bringing people together through activities that promote healthy living and social responsibility has allowed this organization to be a pervasive influence through North America. Many of their programs focus on youth development.

They tackle this aspect of the community by providing after-schools programs, organizing a variety of sports leagues, and providing a safe environment where youth can exercise and socialize. Across America, the YMCA has established more than 2,600 facilities. Within these facilities 20,000 individuals are employed full-time, and the assistance of over 500,000 volunteers is needed.

Across the globe, 45 million people take advantage of their programs in 124 different countries. Though the acronym stands for the Young Men’s Christian Association, the organization provides secular programs and serves men, women, and children of all ages.

Catholic Charities, USA

In terms of social services that are provided in the United States, this organization runs the largest private network in existence. The primary goals of their services include supporting families that are struggling and the reduction of poverty nationwide.

Catholic Charities run food pantries and soup kitchens around the nation which provide nutrition free to anyone in need. Publications produced by this organization also include literature meant to further the fight against social injustices in America and across the globe.

The Salvation Army

Throughout the world, the Salvation Army is raising money to assist communities and individuals in need. Each year they work with established private industries to raise funds that exceed nearly all other non-profit organizations in the nation.

Partners that commonly join them in their efforts include WalMart, Big Lots, Sam’s Club, Kroger, and JCPennies. The Red Kettle Campaign raised over $147.8 million dollars last year alone. Fund-raisers such as these, made possible by a huge base of volunteers, allow them to assist in meeting the yearly increase in the demands for social services.

American Red Cross

Specializing in disaster relief, the Red Cross saves lives by providing blood, medical care, and medical training to all those who seek their assistance. Across the world, the Red Cross assists in building safer communities and by responding to disasters where others cannot.

In 2011, this organization provided emergency relief to 5.3 million people over 24 different countries. Disease prevention plays a large role in the effort to construct safer communities. By doing their part in the Measles Initiative, the Red Cross assisted in vaccinating over 1 billion children.

Goodwill Industries International

The focus of Goodwill is employment and empowerment of the individual within the community. Goodwill provides free training for those that are interested in joining the workforce should they have fallen between the cracks of society. They also receive donations which help communities fight against state and national budget cuts that adversely effect vital programs such as school curriculum and hospital equipment and services.

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