The Top Ways To Make The Most Of Your Hotel

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When you go to stay anywhere, the hotel is rarely the focus of your trip. Normally we stay in hotels because we are either on holiday or on a business trip, and in those situations the activities in the area or the work that you’re there to do will tend to take precedent and become the focus of your trip.

However, that’s not to say that the hotel itself can’t also be a great part of your experience. When you stay in a hotel, this means staying somewhere that won’t require you to clean up after yourself and where no one can interrupt you with phone calls.

It’s the perfect chance to recharge your batteries, and if you’re going with family or your partner then it’s the perfect chance to focus on them for a bit without distractions.

If you’re staying in a hotel then, you should aim to make the most of it by involving yourself in the best activities and pastimes. Read on to find out what those are.


Taking a book with you to your hotel should be a number one priority. This way you can sit on the balcony and read in the evening, or you can lie in bed and read with the light on.

Rarely does modern living give us a chance to indulge ourselves in a good book, so take one with you and you’ll be able to relax and unwind while also enjoying a good yarn.

Playing Games

If you’re staying at a hotel with your friends or family, or even just your partner, then playing a board game is a great way to pass the time while you’re in your hotel room. Again, this is the perfect opportunity to get some real quality time with your loved ones and become closer as a result.


One of the things that everyone should do when they get to a hotel, is to enjoy relaxing in the bath. Rarely will you get to lie back in a bath that’s so clean, with so few distractions.

Bring some of your own bubble bath, put some music on your phone, and then lie back. If you’re going to be staying with a partner, then this is also a great romantic way to pass the time if you take the bath together.

Read the Paper

Most hotels and bed and breakfasts will bring you a paper in the morning if you request it, and this is a great way to come around. Have a coffee and then catch up on the day’s events.

Watch TV

Sure you can watch TV at home, but again at home you’ll always have pressing things to do playing on your mind. Switch on the TV and kick back while munching on some crisps.

Work on a Project

When Jeff Lynne wrote ‘Out of the Blue’, he did so while locked away from the world in a French Chalet. Staying in a hotel is a great way to give yourself the focus you need to work on a project and to cut out distractions. Whether you’re an artist or you’re writing a novel, bring your pens/type writer and enjoy the solitude!

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