The Truth About Failure And Success

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Most people we know have experienced setbacks and failure, and some will never ever try again because they feel it is the end of everything. But it is a fact the people shown in this infographic all had their share of setbacks before they became famous. Just take a look at Tim Ferriss, the well-known author of the book The Four Hour Workweek.

This book had previously been rejected by almost thirty publishers only to become the number one bestseller on the lists of Wall street Journal, New York Times and BusinessWeek, and the book has been translated in over thirty languages.

Take a good look at this infographic and discover that everyone of these famous people had to deal with numerous setbacks and could have easily given up before they became successful. But they never gave up, they kept on going after what they believed in, and this led to their enormous success. So remember them whenever you are faced with failure and let them be a source of inspiration.

This infographic was created by Anne Blair, an aspiring MBA student who believes this degree will help her to succeed. She can’t afford paying an expensive tuition. Therefore she started a blog with reviews of┬áMBA programs. Anne’s dream is working for an innovative start-up.


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