The Ultimate Guide To Outdoor Dinner Parties

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dinner-partyEating outdoors is sometimes one of those things that doesn’t always work out as you’d imagined in reality.

Napkins blowing everywhere in the wind and the wasps enjoying your food more than you, but if you do it right then it can be wonderful.

That is why I have put this guide together to make your outdoor dinner party absolutely scrumptious.


Hopefully the beaming sunshine is reason enough for people to enjoy sitting outside, but sometimes they may need a little more encouragement.

‘Entertainment’, whether it be a board game or a band, is a necessity for a successful dinner party.

The food may be delicious, but if people are bored, it will reflect in the overall mood.

If you are having an outdoor dinner party, then you have more space and freedom to entertain. Good ideas for outdoor entertainment could include acrobatic or dance acts, a DJ with a dance floor, singers, comedians, impressionists, magicians or even something circus-based like a fire-eater.

Set the mood

When inviting people into your home (or garden) to eat, you want them to feel completely comfortable. In order to do this, you need to create the right mood. Small touches like candles, fairy lights or garden burners can create a warm and cosy feeling, which will then make people feel relaxed.

Although people like some level of formality to a dinner party, in order to make it special, a relaxed atmosphere is necessary to allow people to really enjoy themselves.


If you are planning an outdoor dinner party, you need to make sure that you have the right garden furniture. If people are uncomfortable, then the mood will slump, which is why you need to invest in something other than the standard metal table and chairs.

Something like rattan garden sets are usually a good option, because they are sturdy, look stylish and very comfortable to sit on for a prolonged period of time.

Visual cooking

Dinner guests usually like to take a cheeky peek at their food being cooked, so when hosting an al fresco dinner party, why not opt for something like a ‘posh BBQ’. They usually provide quite a rustic feel to an evening and are a great way to allow everyone to pick at what they want to eat.

And just a quick reminder, don’t forget to cover and protect food, so that the wasps don’t enjoy it more than you do!

Since she purchased some rattan garden furniture from Oakita, Becky loves hosting outdoor dinner parties with friends.


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