The Water Conservation Guide to Upgrading Your Showerhead

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The relaxation provided by a warm shower after a hard day outside or at work is hard to beat. To wash away the dirt of the day and go to sleep clean can do wonders for improving your mindset and refreshing your body and brain. But showers in homes account for approximately 30% of all home water consumption. This is a staggering amount, and one that can affect the cost of monthly utility bills dramatically if not controlled.

Fortunately, there is a solution. New technology has been created to make showers more efficient, so money can stop being swept down the drain with the soap and shampoo every time you or a family member wants to get clean. By making one simple switch, your shower can become an even more relaxing spot in your house, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your monthly bills are being reduced.

Here are a few ways you can lower your monthly bills and conserve water today, just by switching out your showerhead.

  • Make it efficient – Just by purchasing efficient showerheads for the showers in your home, you have taken the first step toward reducing those monthly expenses. Most homes, especially those with older appliances, use as many as 3.5 gallons per minute when showering. However, by using a new, more efficient head, your consumption of gallons per minute can drop to less than half that. New technology will still deliver the same amount of water pressure and the same experience, but simply do it in a more resourceful way.
  • Reduce monthly gas bills, too – When you use less water, your water heater works less. By reducing the amount of water used by your shower, you can not only reduce your monthly water bill, but also your monthly gas bill.
  • Lower the flow of water – You don’t always need water forcefully spraying over you when bathing, but turning the water off and on can also be a hassle and lead to a less enjoyable experience. Instead of sacrificing your comfort, buy low-flow showerheads that will allow you to have more control over the amount of water being released. When lathering up the soap or shampoo, change to only a half-gallon per minute flow. Then, when you’re ready to rinse, convert it into a 1.5-gallon showerhead, and still save money and gallons being consumed.

Your shower is a relaxing place, and an escape from the world. But with how much water it can use, it can also be a place of stress over the high monthly expenses. Put your worries to rest with a more efficient shower and start saving you and your family money each month, while also doing something good for the environment.


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