Thinking Of Turning A Room In Your House Into A B&B? Here’s How!

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If you are interested in raising a little extra money every month, then you may consider turning one of your spare bedrooms into a ‘bed and breakfast’ facility for paying guests. This is a brilliant idea which should generate you some much-needed extra income; however it is worth thinking it through properly first before you start advertising.

Of course, you will need to let the taxman know of your intended extra income, and there will be certain health and safety and legal requirements that you will need to meet. Beyond that, there are also some changes that you will need to make to your house in order to welcome in your guests, and in this article we are going to tell you what they are:

The Dining Room

Your guests will probably stay in their bedroom whenever they are using the house, however they will need access to your dining room at breakfast time. This means that your family needs to work around this – so you need to think about whether or not you will have breakfast with them at the same time, or whether you will wait until after they have finished.

This can be the busiest time of the day, so it’s important that your dining room and kitchen is organized in such a way that you can whip up a top-notch breakfast with very little hassle. Make sure you have all of your utensils to hand, and also make sure that you have proper a dining table and chairs for your guests to sit at in the morning.

The Lounge

Some bed and breakfast facilities allow their guests to use the lounge as well as the dining room. This can have quite an impact on your family life – so make sure that you are happy with this before you grant consent.

The alternative is to put a television and seating area into the spare room along with the bedding facilities (if there is space) so that they have somewhere to relax.

If you choose to let your guests use the lounge, then it will need to be regularly cleaned and tidied with fresh flowers to add a little homely touch. You will probably need to employ the services of a cleaner once a week.

The Bedroom

The bedroom that you dedicate for bed and breakfast facilities should be thoroughly clean and free of your personal belongings. Aim to make it feel like a hotel room – otherwise your guests may feel a little uncomfortable.

Provide two single beds which can be pushed together to make one double, and the room should also have a sink and access to a toilet and shower. It is worth getting new furniture and laying new carpet in order to make the room feel as fresh and clean as possible.

Running a bed-and-breakfast can be a lot of fun, and you get will get to meet loads of very interesting people along the way. Make sure your house is adequately prepared for running a bed and breakfast so that you can get the best possible results from it.

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