Three 2013 New Year’s Resolution Ideas For Everyone

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new-years-2013With the New Year arriving shortly, New Year’s resolutions are in full gear. Whether you are planning on changing your entire life or if you have a small goal you want to accomplish, making a resolution list is a great way to get started.

By sticking to a challenge or a resolution that you set for yourself, you are more likely to feel as if you accomplished something and you will feel more satisfied and happy with yourself overall.

Learn to Fly a Plane

Getting out of your comfort zone in 2013 may be just what you need to break a dull streak in your life or to give yourself a new challenge completely. If you want to try something entirely new, you can do so if you learn to fly a plane. If you feel as if you are interested in obtaining a private pilot’s license, it is possible to begin taking lessons at a local airport and flight school depending on where you currently live.

Learning to fly a plane is a way for you to overcome fears or even to learn a new skill just for your own personal needs. You can also learn to fly a plan to ultimately become a private or commercial pilot, having the ability to fly others wherever you desire.

Finding a flight school is possible with the use of both local resources as well as by reviewing the classes and options you have available right from your own home by researching flight school options online.

Joy Jar

Create a joy jar of your own to celebrate the incoming of the new year. Each time a positive life event occurs, create a small note on a piece of paper and place it within your joy jar. If you receive positive news or if you feel happy for the day, write down what you are thankful for. At the end of 2013, you can review all of your joy jar additions to feel thankful and appreciative for all of the positive aspects of the year altogether.

Changing Your Lifestyle Habits

Changing your diet and exercise regimen and incorporating a more healthy lifestyle can allow you to not only live longer ultimately, but it can also allow you to feel better in your day to day life.

Researching various types of diets and meal plans can help you to pinpoint the type of nutrition that will satisfy you personally while providing you with the nutrients and energy you need to feel sustained throughout each day.

Avoid over-loading on carbohydrates, as these can make you feel lethargic and often hungry for snacks and for food in between meals even when your body is not physically hungry. Adding in exercise into your daily routine can help to release endorphins, improving mood while you are also improving your body’s overall physical appearance and shape.

This is a guest post.  Sahara has been a life coach for the past 8 years. If you are considering learning to fly check out as they will carry everything you will need to start.

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