Tips to Help You Give Up Cable

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Life without Cable

If you grew up in a home with a premium cable package you probably can’t imagine what your life would be like if you had to give up cable television. What would you do at night when you got home from work? How would you follow your favorite sports team if you couldn’t watch the game on ESPN? Despite these concerns, everyday more and more people are giving up their cable and saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. Could you survive without cable?

Watch Shows Online

These days almost every television show is online and most of them are free. While you may not be able to watch your favorite show live, it will usually be available online within a few days, and often in as little as twenty-four hours. Does it really make a big difference if you watch your favorite show on the night it airs or if you catch it a few days later? While it may have been a concern a few years ago, thanks to DVR technology watching a television show during its actual timeslot is becoming a thing of the past.

Buy TV by the Episode

The average cable bill is around $100 a month. The average television show sells online for $2. That means that you would have to buy approximately 50 hours of television to justify your cable bill. When you factor in that most of your favorite shows are available online for free, can you really picture yourself buying 50 hours of television a month? Having to pay every time you watch a show will also help you to decide which shows you really want to watch and which shows are just wastes of time.

Subscribe to a Video on Demand Service

For around $10 a month you can subscribe to one of a few video on demand services. These services are packed with movies and full seasons of old and current television shows. Best of all you can stream the content instantly through your computer or gaming console. Anyone who has ever lost a weekend to a marathon of an old television show knows how valuable this type of service can be.

Watch Live TV with Friends

If you are a dedicated sports fanatic or an American Idol addict the fear of not being able to watch live TV might be reason enough to keep paying for cable. Instead of going back to cable, why not watch American Idol at a friend’s house or catch the game at the sports bar down the street? Not only will you be able to root for your favorite team or contestant, you will also be getting out of the house, getting social and you might even make a few new friends.


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