Top 10 Environmental Issues

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recycling tips

recycling tips

Looking at the future, we can realize that the past has negative consequences that are threatening the future. Increased human activities such as use of pesticides, fossil has made the environment get degraded as we watch. Below are top ten environment issues.

#1 Public health The climate changes experienced have great side effects to human health. For instance, heat waves result in dehydration and heat strokes or other weather related problems.

The destruction of the ozone layer allows infiltration of the ultra violet rays from the sun, thus making people vulnerable to cancerous infections. The environmental pollution makes us breathe toxic substances that lead to high rate mortality, respiratory problems and cardiovascular complications.

#2 Endangered Plants and Animals- Human related activities have forced animal and plants to relocate or change rapidly to the new environment created. This leads to rise of new life that many of the plants and animals cannot adapt to making them disappear. If species that help in reproduction and propagation get extinct other species that are dependent on them also disappear.

#3 Increased Disease Threats- There has been a high number of diseases that have come up as a result of destruction of animal habitats and deforestation because of human activities. This has resulted to the decline of biodiversity. Other health problems resulting from human overcrowding and overconsumption have increased.

#4 Mass or Overconsumption- Human is supposed to take what they need, but not what they want. As consumers we need to be aware of our health as well as what we need, but not what we want.

Human consumption has full control of production meaning that people have the power to minimize emissions and harvesting of raw materials by reducing the consumption rate.

#5 Destruction of Forests- Trees act as habitat for many species on earth. Cutting down of trees release its carbon dioxide that accumulates in the air leading to damage of the environment.

Deforestation also has played a great role in emission of green house gases to the environment that has led to global warming that is threatening human survival.

#6 Water, Land and Air pollution- Environment pollution is the order of the day. Spilling of toxic substances such as oil like it happened in Gulf of Mexico is harmful to marine species and diversity.

Burning of fossil fuel has increased air pollution and destruction of the ozone layer, thus posing health threats to humans and animals. Uses of fertilizers, monocropping and pesticides have also contributed to land pollution making the soil infertile for production.

#7 Water management and Agricultural production- Water has become a limited resource and food consumption is getting difficult to keep up with. Polluting water makes it unhealthy for human consumption.

The supply of marine life might also get depleted because of the failure of marine life to keep up reproduction to satisfy human consumption requirements. People need to change their lifestyle in terms of eating more vegetables and other healthy lifestyle habits.

#8 Waste Management and Treatment– There is a lot of waste in the world today. There have been an increased number of landfills, more littering and a lot of waste water treatment plants coming up everywhere. This is not good; but can be managed if it is handled in the right manner. People need to stop littering everywhere and adapt to recycling of waste products.

#9 Production of Energy- Our society is more dependent on oil and gasoline. The problem with dependent of these sources of energy is the increased emissions to the environment leading to destruction of the ozone layer.

Some other energy production systems are also destructive to our water and land. What is needed is to research and come up with alternative sources of energy, for example, use of solar energy, hybrid vehicles and the tidal wave energy conversions.

#10 Change of the Climate- There has been great change in the climate making the earth warmer and warmer. There has been increased weather shift that has negative effects to the ecosystem and other living conditions in the entire world.

Some of the artificial causes of these changes include deforestation, waste energy production and consumption which need to be reduced. Volcanic eruptions, biotic processes and oceanic circulation are natural causes of the climate change experienced.

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