Top 10 Fundraising Ideas

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When putting together fundraising ideas, it is important to weigh up a sensible budget, as well as whether the event will appeal to the kind of audience that you want for a charity. Charity Jobs involve making these decisions, and also create demands for making the most of available resources. A well organised fundraising event can only be pulled off with teamwork and community collaboration, and requires a lot of planning in advance, as well as a realistic idea of how much money can be raised for a charity. The following list represents some general ideas for possible fundraising events:

1 – Classes

A charity class involves donors paying a small fee to take part in events that teach them about cookery, crafts, and other techniques. Introductory classes can also be offered for individual and team sports, and can form part of a broader day of fundraising at a festival or barbecue.

2 – Car Washes

A good way to get attention through a noisy event that should typically take place in a major location in a town, a car wash represents an excellent way to get people together. Car washes can be as easy as setting up with buckets and cleaning tools. Another option is to collaborate with a local car wash, and have volunteers on site to help out.

3 – Local Festivals

More difficult to organise, but very rewarding as a fundraising event if it comes off, a local festival or village fete can bring together lots of smaller activities under a single event. You might choose to run live music, contests, barbecues and food tasting contests, while catering for children with games. Funds can be raised through admission, and through select prices for stalls.

4 – Extreme Events

Raising funds for a sponsored bungee jump or abseil can raise money from individual fundraisers and groups. Safety precautions should always be followed when organising these events, with many companies able to offer a guided experience that ensures that all health and safety requirements are met prior to, and during an event.

5 – Auctions

An auction works well as a way to create a self contained event that can quickly raise money. An after dinner event can feature prizes provided by local businesses, and can be mixed up with more humorous auctions of dates and trips.

6 – Quizzes

Pub quizzes and larger community quizzes can be held as part of festivals and fetes, and can also make for a regular event for a charity. Money is raised through entry fees, as well as proportions of food and drink sales.

7 – Bike Rides

A sponsored bike ride works in a similar way to fun runs and walks, and can take many forms. Fun biking events can be held over a few miles, and can also involve children. By contrast, longer routes and individual or team marathon rides can help to raise significant funds for a charity over time.

8 – Football Tournaments

Organising a local football tournament can be straightforward, particularly if existing, non-charity tournaments are already in place. Teams will also be able to cut down on planning time and costs by providing their own kits and equipment.

9 – Talent Shows

An X-Factor style talent show can generate a lot of attention for a charity, and can help to raise significant funds. Top prize costs can be awarded, and contestants can supply a registration fee. Surrounding events like food and drink, and raffles, can also help to boost fundraising for a single day, night or multiple night contest.

10 – Speed Dating Event

Another fun way to get the local community involved in charity events, a speed dating night can be successful if you take the time to research interest, and ensure that enough people attend to create a strong atmosphere.

This is a guest post.  Sebastian is a charity awareness promoter. He’s currently working in conjunction with ThirdSector Jobs promoting the availability of charity and voluntary jobs around the globe.

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