Top 10 Plants For A Dream Garden

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lavender_2What is your idea of a dream garden? Of course, ideas of dream gardens are likely to widely differ among the minds of different people, but your own dream garden is likely to include lots of space, soil suitable for growing a great number and variety of plants and a good amount of sun.

Indeed, if you did have a garden like this, you would probably be able to grow many types of plants that you would otherwise have been unable to devote time and resources to growing. But, if you did have a garden like this, what would you choose to grow in it? Of course, only you can give a proper answer to this question, but it is likely to include some, if not all, of the following plants. Here is our own list of top ten plants for a dream garden.


There are many different types of honeysuckle, including both arching shrubs and twining vines. All of this makes honeysuckle especially ideal for use by people who wish to enhance both the quality and the variety of the appearances of their gardens.


This strongly aromatic shrub, more precisely referred to as lavandula angustifolia, has evergreen leaves and pinkish-purple flowers and is often grown as an ornamental plant. It also has the useful ability to survive with low water consumption.

Hemp agrimony

Imagine how pretty your garden would look with plenty of butterflies. Well, you might not have to just imagine it if you grow hemp agrimony, which is otherwise known as eupatorium cannabinum and known to be attractive to these pretty insects.


Hawthorn offers pretty spring blossom and autumn berries, which can feed birds.

Viper’s bugloss

Otherwise referred to as echium vulgare or blueweed, this plant is known for its height, rough and hairy leaves and flowers, which start pink before turning vivid blue. It is also very attractive to bees, which is ideal if you would like to attract more bees to your garden.

Crab apple

Crab apple trees are delightfully ornamental and offer pretty blossom and a good autumn colour. They also can be used to grow colourful fruit.


Crocus is a genus of flowering plants comprising 90 species of perennials growing from acorns. Crocus flowers appear in autumn, winter and spring and, as crocuses are native to woodland and meadows, you can expect crocus flowers to look very good in your garden.

Silver birch

If you have sufficient room in your garden, you could plant a silver birch tree, otherwise known as a betula pendula.

Mountain cornflower

Otherwise known as centaurea montana, this type of flower is highly recognisable by the blue-purple colour of its outermost ray florets.


Many nettles might have the potential to cause stings, but they can be pretty and often attract caterpillars and ladybirds.

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