Top 5 Hobbies For Meeting People After College

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Meeting new people can be especially hard after graduating from college. While in school, friends are made during classes and around campus. After school ends, many tend to drift away from their fellow peers and find themselves longing for company. Young adults right out of college can take advantage of participating in a number of different activities and finding new hobbies in which they will meet new people and long-term friends. Try out one of these popular hobbies for fun, relaxation and social interaction.


If you enjoy being physically active, hiking may be a great hobby and opportunity to get out and meet some new people. Hiking trails are available all around the world. Whether you choose to hike up mountains, through a forest, along a lake or around the town, there are plenty of scenic places to enjoy the fresh air. Along your hike, you may run into others who enjoy doing the same thing that you are. After hiking along the same route regularly and seeing the same familiar faces, it’s a great opportunity to strike up a conversation. You may even be able to enjoy your daily hike together rather than alone.


Whether you are an aspiring professional photographer or just enjoy taking snapshots in your spare time, taking up photography as a hobby can be a great way to meet new people. With the technology of digital cameras, anyone and everyone can take pictures. Visit a park or an event where you will enjoy taking photographs. Others may strike up a conversation with you based on your hobby and to ask questions. Some may even want you to take pictures of them. Advertise your photography services on social networking websites as a way to enjoy your hobby and meet people while doing so.

Exercise Classes

Those just out of college may love to exercise and keep their bodies in shape. Joining a gym and participating in the included classes can help you to get out there and meet others with common interests. From Pilates to spin classes and kick boxing, there are plenty of fun exercise hobbies that are not only a great way to stay fit, but also help you in meeting others. Before, during and after the exercise classes, you may find yourself talking to others that are just out of college and are also looking for new friends.


While baking cakes and cookies in your house may not always seem like the best hobby to meet people, it can be helpful if attending events and selling your baked goods. Bake sales, flea markets, charities and organizations are always in need of freshly baked delights. If this is something that you enjoy doing in your spare time, make a habit of attending events and selling your treats to meet others who appreciate the time and dedication that you have put into perfecting your hobby. Baking can be enjoyed by all age ranges.

Playing Music

If you are musically-inclined and perform in the comfort of your own home, try taking your hobby to a whole new level. Whether you sing, play guitar or play piano, there are plenty of venues that welcome new acts to their stages. Attend an open mic night or play at a coffee house. Those who enjoy music will come to listen and perform their own pieces. This is one of the best ways that college graduates can meet people that share music as a common hobby and interest.

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