Top Five Recycling Tips

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recycling-tipsWith global warming reaching unprecedented levels, creating technology and strategies that are kinder to our planet have become humankind’s “greatest challenge”. Recycling is one approach that is becoming increasingly imperative to counteract some of the damage mankind has inflicted on the environment.

If you are keen to make recycling a regular feature of your household or simply want to fine-tune existing recycling strategies, you may find the following top five recycling tips helpful.

Get organised
Recycling your waste may sound like a complex and complicated task involving hordes of different containers and baskets, but in reality it needn’t be so difficult. The key to stress-free reutilising is to get organised before you embark on your crusade to recycle your waste and offset those carbon emissions.

Use any containers, tins, baskets or bins that may have become surplus to requirement and position them all in the same convenient place. A room that generates a lot of waste, such as the kitchen, can be a good place to put your recycling containers, as this will mean you don’t have to drag leftovers through other rooms in order to dispose of it.

Use labels
To avoid paper getting put in the tin designated for leftover food or plastic becoming mixed with aluminium, it is advisable to put a clear label that states what kind of waste specific containers are allocated for. This will avoid any confusion and will, hopefully, mean that family members are less inclined to haphazardly dump unwanted items anywhere!

Use recyclable paper or cotton bags
Plastic bags are so passé and the reason for this is that disposable bags that are made out of plastic are not biodegradable and are ultra-harmful to the environment. For years, mankind turned an oblivious eye to the harmful effects pumping out billions of disposable plastic bags had on the environment.

With today’s greater emphasis on adopting greener lifestyles, exchanging plastic bags for paper or cotton bags that are reusable, is becoming increasingly widespread.
Instead of stuffing your shopping into a dozen or so plastic bags, simply reusing several sturdy paper or cotton bags will prove to be much kinder on the environment.

Save water and time
Whilst it was once considered essential that we rinsed out tins, bottles and cans before we recycled them, this is no longer the case. Save water and time my simply placing such waste into the relevant container without rinsing them out or removing labels.

Recycle junk mail
So-called ‘snail mail’ may be slowly becoming obsolete by emails, but we still all seem to receive some junk ‘snail mail’ from time to time. Instead of just throwing such mail out, recycle it using it for scribbling down notes or for sketching paper for the kids.

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