Top Five Unusual Organic Products

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Are organic shoes real?

These days the whole world seems to be obsessed with health, which means we’re eating far more organic food than we ever did before. But did you know that there are all sorts of other organic products you can buy too? Read on to learn about the top five unusual organic products:

Organic Makeup

Did you know that the average woman gets through 2 lbs of lipstick in a lifetime and that most lipsticks contain synthetic color and fragrance which over time is absorbed through the skin.

Most other high street makeup contains harmful chemicals too which are fine in small doses, but when you consider a lifetimes worth of makeup use then skin can eventually be damaged, particularly if your skin is sensitive.

Organic makeup contains all natural ingredients such as minerals and natural oils which is better for you and better for the environment too.

Organic Mattress

Many people suffer from allergies and conditions such as asthma. One thing that can be a major contributing factor to allergy flare ups are the chemicals in your mattress. Most mattresses contain all sorts of nasty substances which can affect the health of some people so if you do suffer from breathing related conditions or have allergies switching to an organic mattress could really help you.

Organic Shoes

Most people who opt for organic shoes do so for ethical reasons because they don’t want to encourage the production of leather. But organic shoes are also a lot cheaper to manufacture than leather shoes and have less of an impact on the environment.

You can buy faux leather organic shoes that look just as good as leather so even if you’re not a card carrying vegan you could find that you prefer organic to animal products.


Many mass made and shop bought candles contain chemicals which can irritate people, especially those with respiratory problems or allergies.

Organic candles are made from one hundred per cent natural materials, including scents, so you can create a relaxing scented atmosphere without having to worry about breathing in harmful substances.


Did you know that when you paint a room the chemicals within the paint you choose can be in the atmosphere for up to a year. If you want to lead as chemical free a life as possible then organic paint is ideal.

It works just as well as conventional paint but doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals, which means you and your family won’t be exposed to invisible chemicals in the air.

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