Top Tips to Help Improve Self Sufficiency Within Your Household

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SufficiencyIn today’s day and age with rising monthly bills and less disposable income available, households are being forced to make cuts left, right and centre. If you are struggling at present and are looking for a way to lower monthly outgoings and save cash wherever possible, becoming more self sufficient could be the way forward. With this in mind, read on to discover a few simple tips to help improve self sufficiency within your household and make for a more comfortable future moving forward;

Re-Use Rather Than Throw-Away

Recycling is huge at present and will certainly help towards less waste going into landfill sites and the subsequent protection of the environment we live in; however in the home, it is also worthwhile looking at what has the potential to be re-used rather than thrown away in the first place.

Something you may normally throw straight in the waste or recycling bin, such as a plastic bottle or containers, could well be of some use at a later date and may save you from having to buy new; therefore saving cash and doing your bit to protect the planet at the same time!

Watch ‘The Good Life’

As one of the most popular shows in its day, ‘The Good Life’ was all about trumpeting the benefits of living a self sufficient lifestyle, and there are certainly ideas from the TV show that you can utilise in your self sufficient endeavours of today.

Take the introduction of chickens for instance; they are the epitome of a self sufficient lifestyle! Providing you with a regular supply of fresh eggs, you will soon have plenty to feed all members of your household and maybe even enough to start selling to friends and neighbours to get a little bit of extra cash coming in.

Creating a vegetable plot in the back garden to grow a variety of your own veg is also a great idea and has the potential to cut a considerable amount off your weekly food shop as buying a collection of vegetables may not always be necessary.
The TV show provided plenty of examples where money can be saved around the house and although these may now differ slightly due to technological advances, the main principals still remain.

Consider Renewable Energy

For the modern day household, one of the most common ways of improving self sufficiency is through the introduction of systems that utilise renewable energy. Solar panels are the most recognisable form of renewable energy system and have been popping up on houses across the country in recent times due to the efforts of the government to make it affordable and even offer the potential to make money.

Enabling a household to create its own electricity and therefore reduce reliance on the big energy companies which continuously come under scrutiny for their rising prices, renewable energy sources such as solar panels or heat pumps are most definitely the way forward for anyone looking to enhance self sufficiency.

These are just a few of the many things you can to do improve self sufficiency, reduce spending and hopefully lead a more financially stable lifestyle in a difficult economic climate. Whilst being more self sufficient can help you save money across many areas, it will also be vastly rewarding as you get to see and benefit from the fruits of your labour!

This is a guest post.  This post was written by Oliver Kyle on behalf of Eggshell Online, retailers of chicken coops and houses to keep your chickens safe and secure whilst on your journey to becoming a more self sufficient household.

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