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Going green is a clamor for change. This does not only benefiting the entire human population but our mother earth, as well. These are simple things that can be done within minutes and it would not take much effort to assert this kind of amendment in our lives and in our environment. Simple ways but when converted into action, it can manifest a lesser environment impact for a healthier earth.

So, instead of concentrating betterment for yourself alone, why not extend your vision to your surroundings? Activate your concern and start it at home.

1. Take short shower moments
People love to shower for a longer period of time because they believe showering is comforting. But, this habit is wasting lots of water. So instead of lingering in the bathroom just for relaxation, take a shower for the purpose of cleaning your body. This way, you can save water; therefore, you are lessening your bill and can save money.

2. Walk for a lesser gas
If your working place is just a walking distance, endeavor to use your legs to reach your destination. Aside from the fact that you are using no gas which means no cost, you are making yourself healthier.

3. Eat healthy
Do not skip breakfast for it is the main source of energy of the day. It keeps your metabolism function properly. Eat veggies and take less carbs. Taking less carbs means ‘less’ carbs, not ‘no’ carbs and do not forget to take eight to ten glasses of water every day. It prevents dehydration.

4. Turn-off stuffs
If you have a computer, turn it off instead of putting it into sleep. Sleeping still consumes energy thus making your bills rise though your computer was not really used. This can also be applied to other gadgets in your home.

5. Recycle
If you have things that can still be used, then use them. Like for example, instead of throwing away milk cans, you can convert them into flower pots. This way, you can lessen the garbage and save money.

6. Give your used clothes to those who are in need
Instead of storing the clothes you used but are not of your taste of using anymore; give them to the less fortunate. Aside from you save a space in your closet, you make other fellow happy, as well.

7. Store rainwater
Rainwater is good for washing clothes, so instead of using the usual water from your water supplier, take advantage of the downpour in your place. Obviously, you can save water and acquire lower water bill.

8. Before buying, think first
Impulsive buying requires a bulk amount of money. So if you want to be an efficient buyer, prioritize first the very basic commodity and needs in your home. If you do not need it yet, then, erase it in your list.

9. The both sides of paper is available for writing
For convenience sake, we usually skip to write or print on the back part of the paper. Why not use the back part of it? Aside from we are saving money, we are recycling.

10. Plant trees
Our mother earth needs this. Basically, trees can help us in many ways for it can shield us when there are storms, give us fresh air, and yield products like paper, lumber and fruits that are essential for all human beings.

These are just mere things that we can do in our own place at home but you do not know how much these simple acts can contribute in saving earth. Put it into effect and realize the difference you are making for humanity.

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