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thoughtful-giftGiving gifts if you get it right can be one of the best experiences; however if you get it wrong and do not match the person to the present then this can become really unsettling for both of you.

It all depends on the amount of effort you put into finding the right gift. There are certain times of year when a particular type of gift makes it to the top of the list.

For example, jumpers/sweaters are popular at Christmas time and chocolate at Easter, but none of those are very thoughtful gifts as they are all obvious.

They are unlikely to impress the recipient or at least they are no more impressive than any other average gift.

The only way to make your gifts stand out from the crowd is to put as much thought, time and effort into the present as you can.

The Time Intensive Gift

The time intensive gift is often the most appreciated of all presents because it is easy to see how much thought and effort has to go into making, finding or arranging the present. It could be a surprise party that includes long lost relatives or friends that haven’t been seen for years.

It could also be time spent with children making something for them to give to their mother or father. These presents are easily up there with the best gifts and they are something that not only take time, but also require thoughtfulness.

The Thoughtful gift

Not all thoughtful gifts require lots and lots of time or effort to get right. A thoughtful gift could be something like a father’s day present with a special engraving or some other personalised message.

Another thoughtful gift is remembering something from a long while ago that appealed to the recipient and presenting that on the special day. It’s not easy to remember a passing comment about an object when window-shopping and if it is easy, you could have been on the receiving end of a few hints.

The Gift of Effort

This gift doesn’t work if you put a lot of effort into doing something that will constantly remind the recipient of the fact for a while. It’s also not great to give your partner a book of vouchers for a back rub, foot rub or a day off from doing the washing up. If you are going to do something that shows you are prepared to work hard to impress your partner, try to think out of the box.

Learn to play her or his favourite song with a guitar, piano or some other instrument and try to sing it without murdering the vocals or think of something that has been on the gift recipient’s list for a long time and get that done for him or her.

Whatever you do, make sure you are not taking away their masculinity or femininity when you do it. In other words, if your husband has been putting of relaying a patio for a while because he has lost enthusiasm in it, try to be sensitive and stay out of your worker’s boots because he’ll just feel more humiliated than grateful.

The Point of a Gift

Remembering why you are giving a gift is of the utmost importance. This means you shouldn’t do it to receive the plaudits or gratitude or plaudits. A present from you to a loved one should be personal and between you and them.

Some things are not easy to advertise and some really should not be anyway, such as lingerie or anything else too personal. If these types of gifts are on your list of presents between a you and your partner, show a little thought and buy her or him something else so they have something to show their parents if they are asked about the gifts they received.

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