Veterans Day: Remembering Those Who Have Served

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Veteran’s Day celebrations will be taking place all across the country on Sunday, November 11, 2012 and Monday, November 12, 2012. According to the US Department of Veterans Affairs there are over 25 million veterans in the United States who have proudly served their countries dating back to World War II.

Challenge coins, which are given to soldiers that identify their units, have been part of military traditions just as long. And at this year’s celebrations, which will take place at national and local levels, many of our nation’s veterans will be carrying their challenge coins in their pockets.

Celebration at Arlington

The Veterans Day National Ceremony is held every year at Arlington National Ceremony on November 11th, at exactly 11:00 am. At that moment, a wreath is laid on the Tomb of the Unknown’s. This date and time coincides with the end of World War I. After the wreath is laid, veteran’s organizations will take part in a parade of colors into the Memorial Amphitheater where all veterans, living and passed on, will be honored and thanked for their sacrifice and their service to their country.

Ceremonies in Washington D.C.
In the nation’s capital, many events will be held across the city such as at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. On November 11, 2012 at 1:00 pm the Color Guard will place a wreath at the Memorial. At the Vietnam Women’s Memorial and the World War II Memorial the public can stop by beginning at 9:00 am to share veterans share their own experiences.

The President’s remarks will symbolize the nation’s thanks. As our nation’s Commander in Chief, the President’s Proclamation is more than a symbolic gesture: it honors the service of fighting men and women throughout the nation’s history and reminds all Americans to recognize our veteran’s sacrifice and heroism so that we can all live in accordance with our nation’s founding principles.

State Participation

Many Americans take up the call to honor our Veterans by organizing and participating in state and local activities. Each state has a representative from the Veterans Day National Committee who will be coordinating some of the official ceremonies. Locally, you can volunteer to participate in Veterans Day parades and other local events. Most cities and towns will be host to a range of family-friendly events where by choosing to spend your day with veterans, you can show your heartfelt thanks as well.

Celebrate Veterans Day knowing that our soldiers carry challenge coins that symbolize their valor, their units and their love of country. Take time this Veterans Day to say thanks.

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