Ways to Sell Your Stuff Online

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Nowadays, if you want to have some money quickly without violating any law you may be aware or unaware of, the method is by selling online. What you have may be intellectual properties such as apps (which sell fast these days) and ebooks, or good old tangible items around the house you do not use or need anymore. No matter, if you can sell them online you get some cash to benefit from. The question is how, and there are at least three ways.

Auction and fixed price markets. This is the most famous and common method of selling individual items, joining sites like eBay.com, Amazon.com and Lazada.com to sell goods. You get into really heavy search traffic via these sites and they are the best option for collectibles, rare out-of-print books, and antiques, as well as specialized products not readily available in conventional stores.

However, you pay good money to sell through these sites via commissions and upfront fees, and they have strict guidelines in selling and managing your store, which you build, uploading pictures, product descriptions and so on.  But if you have really good items you can be very successful selling through them.

Social sites. You can actually sell items via Facebook, for example, Twitter and other social media sites. There are apps in the market today actually made for selling via Facebook, and in Twitter you can just tweet you are selling something.

The good thing here is that your friends and followers have probably the same interests as you do so they would be very interested in what you are selling. Likewise, you are directly selling to them without any kind of layer between you and them, and therefore not obliged to give out commissions and similar payouts to anybody.

Your own site. Here you buy a domain, create a website, fill it with the necessary applications like shopping cart and payment structure, upload individual photos of your merchandise along with descriptions and prices, and keep them updated always. So sense including in the ‘for-sale’ lineup something that has already been sold.

On top of these, you must promote your site otherwise no one will now about what you sell, maintain the inventory of your items, prepare, pack and ship bought items, have customer support for inquiries, and process any returned items, much like having a real true-to-life, brick-and-mortar store. It can be exciting, tedious, and boring at the same time, or at different times, but it’s selling in the truest sense of conventional wisdom.

A variation is dropshipping, where you do all these things without having to maintain an inventory. You engage a seller to sell his items, and he ships those items to your buyers.  You earn through commissions or overprice, so in essence you his agent or salesman. It is a convenient way of selling without much initial capital outlay.

So, if you need money and want to work at home, sell items online. You are you r own boss and keep your own time, enjoying the ‘wonderful world of selling’, as an old blurb for salesmen said. Who knows? If you make a career out of it, it can bring you wealth just like any other enterprise later. You will not be the first, though.

This was a guest post by Dave from Storetec Direct, a company which make shopping trolleys and Display systems for retail.


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