We Aren’t All Suited to DIY Jobs, You Know!

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The world can be divided into various groups of people and one of the biggest divisions is between those who enjoy doing DIY jobs and those who hate doing them. I reckon that a lot of people move from the second category into the first, just as I did, and here are some ways to make that transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Start Off Easily

The first job I tried to do was to lay a rustic brick path in the back garden of my new house. I didn’t really know what I was doing and I started off by digging a little and damaging a water pipe. I then gave up just as my garden looked like it was ready to receive the first potato seeds and my wife was complaining that she couldn’t get out to hang up the washing. There is no reason to begin your DIY career with something so big, and putting up a shelf or fixing a dodgy door handle is probably a better choice.

Use the Right Tools

When we start out doing jobs around the house few of us have all of the right tools. These are things which you collect over time and you should always be on the lookout for new tools which you could use in the future. It helps you have a father in law like I have. He has loaned me a drill, a plastic welding machine, a jigsaw and load of other tools which I only needed for one job. However, screwdrivers, hammers and chisels are the kinds of thing you can buy along the way. If you try and do a piece of work using the wrong tools then your chances of doing it correctly are going to be pretty slim, to be honest.

Learn from Your Mistakes

I now know that jobs in the garden need a lot of time and patience. I have also learned quite a few other tips from jobs which haven’t gone exactly as planned. There is no shame in getting something wrong once, but if you make the same mistake over and over again then you are going to end up just getting fed up with the idea of DIY jobs. If you have problems then you need to think about the reasons why they happened. There is a good chance that it was something to do with the first two points on the list; either taking on a job which was too big for you or not using the right tools.

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