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There isn’t a specific time limit on how long until you feel at home abroad when emigrating. Early preparation and planning makes emigrating less uncomfortable. Moving from a familiar place is always difficult no matter what the distance may be. A home abroad becomes familiar quickly when several steps are taken:

. Study the country to which you will be emigrating
. Learn the language beforehand if possible
. Study the chronological time and monetary system of the particular country
. Learn the social and cultural habits
. Take the time to create a sense of “home”
. Make new friends

Study The Country Of Emigration
It is extremely important to study the history of the country in order to gain a sense of belonging and familiarity. A thorough study of the geography of the country is also a good idea. Learn where the capital and major cities are located. Study the geological terrain and climate as well. With a good knowledge of the country in hand, you will feel at home more quickly.

Learn The Language
Language is only foreign to those emigrating to a specific country. This is important to remember. If possible, learn the language well in advance to avoid miscommunication. This is especially important for those who intend to work in the country of their emigration. Learning the language is one way to break down the feeling of estrangement.

Study Chronological Time And Monetary System
Learning the chronological standard time in a country is fairly simple to accomplish. The monetary system may not be as easily understood. Invest time into the study of the particular monetary system in order to have access to banks and other businesses that provide needed goods or services. There are several types of media available that provide daily monetary exchange rates.

Learn The Social and Cultural Nuances
“Fitting in” and feeling at home abroad is aided by learning various social and cultural habits that exist in the country of emigration. Consider the analogy, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” your guideline for adapting to the habits of the society of the home abroad.

Take The Time To Create A Sense Of “Home”
Before venturing out into the new world abroad, take the time to create a sense of “home”. This may be done by nesting for a few days in your living quarters and creating familiar surroundings that bring added comfort. Once personal living quarters feel more like home, it will be easier to take on the outside world of the community into which you’ve chosen to emigrate.

Make New Friends
In most places in the world, native people understand those first days of feelings of alienation. Take a trip to a local park, museum or the theatre. Join a local group with like interests. Making new friends isn’t difficult. It starts with a smile and a friendly greeting. In some countries, however, be aware that the native residents prefer to take the initiative of offering a friendly smile or greeting. So look for the first friendly face and encourage small talk. Once an introduction is made, ask questions. This almost always helps create new friends. By asking questions about your new country, your interest is appreciated and reduces the amount of time it takes to feel at home.

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