What is Wisdom?

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“Wisdom” means using one’s intelligence to achieve certain goals. It is true that wisdom can be developed and gathered, but wisdom cannot be taught. We use the word “wisdom” in our daily life talking about this word so often, but unfortunately, most of us have no understanding about what is wisdom. Wisdom is a quality that provides us guidance in life. Wisdom can be developed through experience. Some people think that wisdom means having tons of knowledge which is not actually the right perception about wisdom. The word “wisdom” is something beyond “knowledge.”

Unfortunately, there has not been much research conducted on wisdom during the last 50 years or so, but in the past, studying wisdom was the important part of philosophy.

Though there is no set definition for wisdom, most of the experts believe that “wisdom” means having some extraordinary things. These things are understood as the following:

When we say someone has wisdom, that means he must have some wise attitudes and show some positivity in his/her attitudes. Wisdom also means that you must be a reality-seeking personality. Someone who lives in a dream world cannot be considered as wise. Someone must have an inner desire to learn new things in life, and he must have a sense of responsibility. He also has the strong desire to grow in life.

Ways of Conduct
He must be attentive towards daily life events and must be aware of things happening in the surroundings. Wise people are always creative and able to produce unique perceptions of different situations in life. He must be able to work in the present with an expectation of the rewards in the future. He must have the ability to face the challenges in life and ready to face the dangers. He also has to show some skills in order to overcome the difficult situations that occur in life. He also has to show his love in a meaningful way.

Ways of Seeing
A wise person is always able to see beyond the boundaries, and he is always aware of the consequences of any action. He must be positive towards life. As  a wise man he must be aware that there are certain limits to acquiring knowledge.

You must keep in mind that there are people who possess the quality of wisdom, but that does not mean someone is totally wise and someone else is totally unwise. The world is actually not divided on the basis of wisdom. Developing wisdom is not something which happens automatically. We have to acquire knowledge and then learn how to apply the knowledge to become wise. We have to develop the wisdom intentionally. When we live in a skillful way, we actually help ourselves to develop greater wisdom. Wisdom is not something objective, so we cannot say someone is absolutely wise.

The wise people always try to develop their wisdom by acquiring knowledge from their entire life. In some cases, wisdom is developed naturally also.

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