When To Party And When To Work

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bachelorette partyGetting the perfect work to life balance is easier said than done.

However, whether you enjoy limo hire, Coventry clubs and after work drinks or a quiet night in, it certainly is possible.

Vanish Working Woes

The key is to not feel too guilty. We all invariably worry that we are not getting the balance quite right and in turn, this affects both our working and home lives.

It is important to find the right balance for you personally, so prioritize and make adjustments accordingly. When it comes to work, pressure may be heightened due to the current economic climate and the need to hold onto jobs.

This doesn’t mean it is necessary to take work home with you though, so when you leave the office, leave mentally too. Adrenaline can often get us through the day, with energy bursts carrying us through tasks. Whilst adrenaline highs are extremely productive, it is important to have some cooling off time when you get home, in order to halt any stress and irritability.

After pushing yourself to reach a deadline, factor in some relaxation time too. If you continue to feel worried upon arriving home, ask yourself just how serious the problem is and whether it deserves to take up your free time.

If the answer is yes, then it is time to stop worrying and start considering making new connections and looking at the job market. If your job is not under threat, then enjoy a quiet night in or an evening out with limo hire, Coventry clubs and pubs. Either way, it is time work was confined to the office.

Climb the Family Tree

The demands of our home life are often equally as stressful as those at work. As a working parent, it is imperative to remember that you cannot be in control all the time.

Take a fresh look at how you see yourself; for example, if your child will not eat their vegetables, this does not make you a failure by any stretch of the imagination. Instead, see this as a challenge to be dealt with. Try to remember the good times as well as the bad; they might just balance each other out.

Maintaining relationships with your partner and family is often equally as difficult. It is an old cliché, but happiness really does come from within. If we are happy in ourselves, then relationships are bound to improve too.

When catching up with a partner or a family member, take the time to listen to each other and catch up on recent events and news. Something as simple as a hug improves matters immensely and keeps everyone happy.

Similarly, it is important to make time for friends. If you haven’t had a catch up for a while, a phone call is all it takes to get back on track. Whilst everyone is busy, the key to a good friendship is equality, with both parties putting in the same amount of effort.

Me, Myself and I

Overall, getting the perfect balance between your working and home life is about getting the balance perfect for you. Try and keep one weekend a month completely free. Then, when it comes round, you can make time for what you really want to do.

A lack of commitment also aids spontaneity, meaning you can spend an entire day in your pyjamas catching up on the week’s telly or organise a night out with your best friends where you can really treat yourself to limo hire, Coventry clubs and some good wine.

One weekend a month helps to get the balance right back to where you wanted it to be, which can only be a good thing. Whilst everyone is different, we all need a little time to ourselves from time to time. So sit back, relax and do whatever you feel like.

Pipa Rose is a freelance writer who specialises in lifestyle advice. She recently treated herself to a limo hire in Coventry for her birthday party and realized that her work-life balance had been askew. She now makes sure to take at least one day to spend with her friends and relax per week. 


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