Why Click And Collect Is The Future Of The Retail Experience

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Image by StormKatt

Image by StormKatt

Modern World

Over the past twenty years, the Internet has changed the way we shape our world.

Businesses and our daily lives revolve around being linked up to the World Wide Web so we can make business deals, chat to friends, scroll through pointless websites and even do our grocery shopping.

What happens when the modern world becomes to modern and we really are looking for ways to the simplest of tasks even quicker?

The result is ‘Click and Collect’, the latest service that has the advanced world in awe at the simplistic idea that makes us wonder why it hasn’t been there all this time.

What Even Is It?

The process is easy to understand, you want to do your grocery shopping but you haven’t got the time so you go online, select a time that is best for you, choose what you want to purchase, with a ‘click’ of a mouse and then you already know it now, you ‘collect’ it.

The process cuts out the notion of waiting in your house all day for a delivery that is suggested between 8am and 6pm- ten hours of waiting, peering out the curtains at the possible sound of an engine stopping and car door slamming.

It’s not the greatest of services and we all eventually feel like it was a waste of a day.

Not Enough Hours In The Day

We live in a world where time is of the essence, whether we have a business lunch to attend, a last minute Uni deadline to hand in or even just to pick the kids up from Nursery, society is always on the move and we don’t have time to stop. ‘Click and Collect’ can offer the stress free service that we so desperately long for.

During the Christmas period, the UK surged to the top of the list making Britons the biggest online shoppers in the world. We were double the OECD’s (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) average of customers who log online to spend our hard earned cash.

But with high street stores such as John Lewis and Tesco offering such as simple concept as ‘Click and Connect’, it’s no wonder such a statistic is now possible.

Keeping The High Street Afloat

Soon, more and more stores will provide such a service, its inevitable. It’s easy and it’s what the customer wants and that’s the most important aspect, but for the company sake, it’s keeping them in business.

Had online delivery been the only option, your nearest retail store wouldn’t be connected with your purchase. Whereas now we are collecting from their store, providing jobs for the staff and essentially keeping the High Street- high.

It is only a matter of time before a new trend of shopping will erupt and ‘Click and Collect’ will seem like a forgotten gem of 2010’s. Until then, we as consumers have to remember the world is changing day by day and it’s exciting that something new is just around the corner and we should embrace every part of it as much as possible.

‘Click and Collect’ is a great idea for the 21st Century family, we should try it and see what it’s like  – it could be the answer to all our shopping prayers.

What are your views on ‘Click and Collect? Is it the greatest thing to come to the Internet or just a craze that will eventually dry out?  Share in the comments.

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