You Know You’re a Grown Up When…

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adult-womanFor most of us there is no sudden step into adulthood. Instead it’s a gradual process of small steps that suddenly catch up with us.

Whilst we may like playing games on the PlayStation, hanging out with our friends on a Saturday night and still have no idea what all the different cycles on the washing machine are for, one day it is likely that we will wake up and realise that we have somehow become all grown up. So, what are the signs that you should be looking out for?

It’s not about the clothes you wear but when you wear them that can indicate an increasing sense of maturity. Do you remember insisting that you didn’t need to wear a coat as a teenager, even in the depths of winter? Bet you wear one now. You probably own some sensible shoes too and make a conscious decision to wear them if you’ll be on your feet for a while.

Your approach to food and range of tastes has probably changed too. Perhaps you left home armed with a recipe book and a working knowledge on how to reheat a tin of beans or make a meal from some pasta and a jar of sauce.

It is doubtful; however, that you embraced the concept of a weekly food shop, planned your meals in advance, or could knock up a new recipe from scratch. Do you enjoy spending time in the kitchen nowadays? Looks like you’re a grown up.

Our ability to plan for the future also improves as we get older. Even if you’re not particularly interested in pensions and life insurance, you become aware that these are good things to have. You might have savings accounts, understand the difference between fixed rate and tracker mortgages or even have a spread sheet that you use to budget your finances.

It’s not just attitudes to money that change with time. Can you look fondly back on a time when you used to hit the town, head to bed in the early hours and then get up and go to work without any problem?

Grownups don’t do this (or if they do, they vow that they will never do so again the next day). If you have kids, your idea of a lie-in will have changed too. Gone are the days of lounging around in bed until lunchtime. Instead, you’re lucky if you get to occasionally sleep past 7:00.

There are plenty of other signs that indicate that you may now be a grown up. Do you enjoy going to garden centres, own a vacuum cleaner, regularly read a Sunday newspaper or listen to Radio 2? If you’ve answered “yes” to several of the above, it looks like you have, indeed, become a grown up, even if you hadn’t realised it until now.

This is a guest post.  Kay Stone shares her interest in the Life Insurance Calculator.
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