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What is it about lingerie that makes it so coveted by women, and adored by men? I take a look at the history of lingerie, some different styles and why it’s so exceedingly popular…

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The Origin of Lingerie
Lingerie as we know it today dates back to the 19th century, although lingerie-style garments have been found dating as far back as the 15th century. Lingerie was worn for many purposes, not just to look good. In particular, it was used to modify the shape of the female figure, with different corsets giving an hourglass or an ‘S’ curve shape, depending on what was in fashion at the time.

Though lingerie is worn for the same reasons now, such as modern shapewear or padded bras, it has improved in quality, design and sizing over the years. Today’s bra is far more advanced than the bras of the 1950’s, and likewise they’re better in design than ones worn at the turn of the century!

The Lingerie Industry
Since its introduction, lingerie has been a highly-desired item, even if it’s only recently that women have felt comfortable openly buying it and talking about it. The lingerie industry has generated million of pounds in the economy globally, especially in North America and parts of Europe. There are even whole magazines dedicated to lingerie!

Why Lingerie?
In the past, ladies had been treated as everything from sex objects to the ‘weaker’ sex, expected to stay quietly in the background and fulfil their duties as wives without expressing strong opinions or desires of their own.

Slowly, times changed and women won the vote, gained extra rights and became an equal sex. At the same time, lingerie sales role. Sound like a coincidence? Far from it! Lingerie can be a powerful weapon, giving the wearer the ability to seduce and feel in control. The birth of lingerie was the birth of female confidence, and as the new bondage-style trends show, this confidence and ability to openly express herself is only growing!

Top Lingerie Styles

Just as with any type of fashion, lingerie has trends. However, some things remain the same – like the Little Black Dress of outerwear, the Sexy Black Bra is always on a woman’s must-have list.

Corsets, the standard under-garment of days gone by, are no longer in common use but are still a very sexy, desired item for those special occasions. Basques, a less-restrictive but no less sexy version of a corset, are very popular now, although the standard bra and brief set is still top of the list in the popularity stakes.

Babydolls are another great lingerie item that most women own, and small accessories such as garters, suspender belts, waspies and body harnesses are becoming more popular.

The Inner Beauty of Lingerie
The beauty of it all is that lingerie can be worn for any occasion. It’s not just the reserve of honeymooners and brides, but something that it’s acceptable for all women to wear, all the time. Whether you’re off to work or lounging around the house, who says you can’t adorn yourself with luxury lingerie?

I hope this blog has given you some idea of the amazing world of lingerie that I am so enthralled with! Why do you love lingerie? Tell me in the comments below!

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This is a guest post.  Michelle Star is a fashion blogger with a passion for great lingerie. She loves Esty Lingerie for their huge range of handmade lingerie by tons of different independent designer brands!


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