10 Tips To Live “Happily Ever After” Financially

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Life is not a fairy tale.  There is no Prince Charming coming to rescue you.  There is no Fairy Godmother with a secret plan that is going to make everything all right in the end.  You are going to have to rescue yourself.  You are going to have to make the plan for your life.  Learning how is not difficult, but it will take time and commitment to make the life you dream of into a reality.

Follow the path laid out below, and you should quickly find your self in the wondrous city of financial freedom.

Know the path you need to take.  Before you can find your yellow-brick road, you have to know your destination.  Develop both long-term goals, e.g. retirement, and short-term goals, such as pay off credit cards.  Its very important that you make sure that these goals are right for you.  How much do you want in retirement?  How important is it to you to get out of debt?  If the goals are not really yours then you will eventually abandon them.  An abandoned goal is not good for anyone.

Go on a voyage of (financial) self-discovery.  How much money do you have coming in a month?  Where are the biggest areas that you are spending it?  Its impossible to make a solid budget with out knowing those questions.  Spend a month and meticulously track your spending.  While there are many technological solutions the best way to do this is the old fashioned pencil and paper.  Buy a small pocket sized notebook then every time you open your wallet also open your notebook.  Record every time you spend anything.

Slay the monsters that block your way.  Once you understand your current situation, and have a picture of how you want your future to look it is time to get started.  Create a budget, and just as important keep your finances organized.   Keep recording all the money coming in and all the money going out.  If you find that you can’t stay on budget, or that big unexpected expenditures keep popping up then you need to eliminate those big expenditures or find a new budget.

Use the magical gifts of our time.  Direct deposit and electronic payments are great tools for personal finance.  If they are properly used you should never have a late payment.  A great benefit of direct deposit is that you never have the cash in hand, so it is never missed.  Set your payments to occur right after the direct deposit so the money is gone before it is missed.

Plan ahead to expect the unexpected.  Hospital bills, car repairs, and job loss are some of the ways that you can lose money outside of your normal budget.  You should be prepared for these or other unexpected bills by building a rainy-day fund.  When setting up your budget set a small but specific amount aside every month to use as a rainy day fund.  This is important.  Without the fund those unexpected bills can turn into a financial disaster quick.

Gain the kingdoms trust.  Your credit score is everything in the modern world.  With out good credit everything is more expensive and loans can be impossible.  To boost your credit: Pay bills on time, Don’t use all your credit, Don’t get more credit than you need and Lower your personal spending.

Uncover the lies the wicked tell.  Review your credit reports regularly.  Do so at least once a year when you can get your free credit reports.

Know that the seasons will keep changing.  You are getting older.  That is an inescapable fact.  Sooner that most of us like to think about it will be time for retirement.  Make sure you are prepared.  An investments best friend is time so start preparing for your retirement early.

Don’t ever stop the adventure.  Finances are an easy subject to learn, but an impossible subject to master.  Always remember that your personal finances are in your own hands.  Keep learning as much as you can and don’t be afraid to make the tough decisions.  You might find that you face adversary now but continuing to save and sticking to the plan will make your future much better.

Find a wise and trusted advisor.  Every young hero needs a magical guide.  Its true in fairy tells and its true in real life.  People like

Magicians hat of meney

It may seem like magic, but all that is needed for financial success is a good budget and a little time.

Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman make careers out of helping people through the maze of personal finance.  Don’t be afraid to read their books or to look for help from a financial planner.  There is no reason for you to make mistakes that others have already made.


Building wealth is not a fantasy.  With work and time you can reach your financial goals.


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