5 Reasons The Obamacare Rollout Was A Disaster

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obamacareRecently, the Obamacare rollout began in which individuals were able to look for their own health insurance plan on government regulated exchanges.

This rollout has been widely claimed to be a disaster with technical difficulties sidelining many attempts to properly sign up for health insurance on these exchanges. This article will provide five reasons why the Obamacare rollout was a disaster.

Technical Difficulties

The Obamacare rollout involved state healthcare exchanges being rolled out so that applicants in each state could begin applying for coverage. Many individuals who logged onto the site complained of poor response times on the various websites, error messages, and an inability to register or apply for health insurance coverage.

While President Obama noted that these technical issues are common in any product rollout, citing the Apple IPhone as a comparison, it was clear to many outsiders that the rollout of the health insurance exchange was rushed and there was insufficient testing done on the website.

Further, there was great inconsistency between each state’s websites. Statistics have shown that 80% of total individuals applying for coverage were from 5 states, with California having one third of the total individuals who signed up for coverage. Insufficient testing of the websites and inconsistency with the state websites was the major failure of the Obamacare rollout.

Critical Mass

When opponents of the Obamacare plan indicated that the cost to Obamacare would be prohibitive, Democrats cited that younger people signing up for the insurance program would subsidize older individuals who would be receiving more affordable health care as a result.

The aforementioned technical issues may have turned off many of the younger applicants who may seek health insurance coverage elsewhere. Without the sign up of these individuals, it is likely that the Obamacare program will be unable to meet the critical mass needed, and additional tax revenues will have to be diverted to cover Obamacare.

Loss of Coverage

Certain companies cancelled health insurance plans in anticipation of Obamacare going into effect. As a result, many employees were threatened with a loss of coverage. Although legislation was ultimately passed to continue to provide insurance coverage for these individuals, there was much added stress as a result of this risk of lost coverage.

Ammunition for Political Opponents

Much of the squabbling between political parties has been focused on Obamacare and opposition by the Republican Party. The difficulty in rolling out Obamacare has led to additional contentious infighting between congress members.

Bad Press

News agencies reported about the many failures of the Obamacare rollout and, as a result, many people may shy away from the program as a result. This bad press has led to further criticism of a government sponsored healthcare and, as a result, changes to the Obamacare program may be difficult to pass through congress in the future.


The Obamacare health insurance rollout did not go as smoothly as many proponents wanted. Many of the difficulties associated with the rollout were technical in nature, but these technical difficulties will likely have a lingering impact on the success of the plan, namely due to mistrust of government and in the feasibility of the Obamacare plan going forward.

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