5 Tips for Handling the Bail Process

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We understand how difficult it can be when you receive a phone call from your loved one telling you they have been arrested. The first thing you want to do is get your loved one released from custody by posting bail. But if you have never been in a position where you need to post bail, you might not know the next thing about your options. As a leader in the bail bond industry, we are here to help you handle the process from start to finish. Here are 5 tips you should consider to make the release of your loved one quick and easy:

Do Not Panic and Take Action 
It is very common to panic when you find out someone you know is in jail. After all, jail is not the most pleasant place to be, and you might be worried about your loved one’s safety. Get past your emotions and take action by calling a reputable bail bonds company to help you. When you pick up the phone and explain the situation, the bail bondsman will help you understand the process so that you can work on having your friend or family member released.

Find Out What Bail Has Been Set At 
When you call our agency, the first thing you need to ask is how much bail has been set at. The bail bondsman you speak with will have access to the jail records and can tell you what the person was arrested for and how much bail must be paid. Keep in mind that you will need to pay 10 percent of the bail amount to post a bond. You may want to ask the bail bondsman if they require collateral for the type of bond they are posting. You should also ask the bondsman if they accept payment arrangements for higher bonds.

Head to the Office to Sign the Paperwork 
If you decide you are going to cosign for the defendant, you will need to sign paperwork. If you are very busy, the bondsman may be able to bring the application to you. If you want to get the ball running as soon as possible, you can stop by and sign the application and submit payment. Once the payment you agree upon is paid, the bondsman will post the bond.

Find Out How Soon Inmates Are Released 
Every jail is different when it comes to release times. If you plan on picking the defendant up on your own, you should call the jail directly and ask for a time frame on when bonded inmates are released. You may even be able to ask the agency if they arrange transportation.

Take the Defendant to Sign Papers 
The defendant must sign paperwork for the bond within 24 hours of being released. Take the defendant to the office to sign the paperwork and to discuss their responsibilities as soon as they are released.

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