5 Tips For Price Shopping Medical Care

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Cheap Health InsuranceMillions of Americans are underinsured or uninsured.

Even patients with comprehensive insurance policies may face hefty out of pocket expenses.

The fact of the matter is that most people would benefit greatly by taking care to select a health care provider that is as inexpensive as possible. It can be difficult to shop for medical services.

It is possible, however, to find the lowest possible care available by taking a few steps to research and strategize where you should go for your medical needs.

1. Search outside of your immediate area.

The prices for many services are based not only on the procedure itself, but also the area in which they are performed.

If the doctors in your neighborhood or city give you quotes that are too high, try calling physicians in towns that are an hour or two away. The standard rates may be significantly lower there.

2. Conduct a web search for low prices.

Start your search by looking online for low cost health care near you. There are even websites devoted entirely to directing patients towards low cost care. Try searching a site like www.healthinreach.com, which acts as a directory for doctors who offer patients low prices.

3. See if you qualify for a sliding scale clinic.

Many cities have low cost clinics that offer services at sliding scale rates to income qualified patients. This is especially a good option for patients who are uninsured or underinsured and need services like routine check ups or treatments for minor injuries or basic ailments. You may be able to determine your eligibility online or by calling or visiting the office itself.

4. Ask about cash rates.

Many doctors offer lower rates to patients who are able to pay for their visit in one lump cash payment. If you are undergoing an expensive procedure that you will be paying for out of pocket, and you have access to a large amount of cash, it may save you a dramatic amount of money to offer cash payment.

5. Consult with your insurance agency.

Understanding your insurance policy can be a confusing and difficult task. If you have health insurance, ask your carrier for a pricing list of physicians in your area. This can be a very useful jumping off place when you decide with doctors to contact. You can also then ensure that the physician you decide on is within your network.

Do Your Research

Ultimately, they key to shopping for health care is the same as the key to shopping for any good or service. You must do your research.

Luckily, the internet and your insurance provider will yield a large variety of directories and lists that can help you feel confident that you are choosing a doctor or hospital who will give you the best service for the lowest price.

These same resources can also help you research reviews by other patients, which can help you make sure that you are not sacrificing quality of service in your quest for value.

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