5 Ways American Society Is Different From the Rest of the World

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Today, the American society differs greatly from other societies and regions from around the world. The psychological behaviors of citizens, their actions and lifestyles vary immensely compared to the people of other countries around the globe.

Understanding how American society differs from others is a way to gain insight into the advances, drawbacks and changes that are constantly being created in various areas of life.


A major factor in setting American society apart from the rest of the world involves the need to strive to be original and to showcase and display individuality. Individuality is a major factor in American society, driving consumerism and triggering the development of innovative and refreshing ideas.

Individuality drives citizens of the country to “stand out” and to appear unique and original compared to not only their family and friends, but from others around the world. Many times, individuality converts into ego, which can be viewed negatively from other cultures who believe in a union and close-knit society.

However, individuality also helps to breed new ideas, culture standards and the way we interpret others and their freedom to choose how they want to live.

Individuals enjoy feeling as if they are unique and different from others, even if it’s simply due to a new piece of clothing or a brand new electronic device they have obtained. Showing off individuality is a way to become more memorable while also having the ability to feel unique and special in a world of billions.


Consumerism plays a very important role in shaping the American culture and the psychological behavior that is displayed from citizens on an everyday basis. Shopping for new gadgets, clothing and electronics is part of the traditional American society, regardless of whether the household is considered lower class, middle class or upper class.

Consumerism begins from sharing brands and increasing the desire or want for products that are often not necessary and simply luxury items. Consumerism helps to drive corporations and big businesses to generate revenue while keeping citizens entangled in the constant struggle to keep up with the purchases they are making.


In today’s American society, self-entitlement is often viewed as a main characteristic of classic consumers and those who live in the country. Feeling self-entitled to assistance, education and the ability to purchase goods from anywhere in the world is not possible in all countries. Self-entitlement is not always present in all individuals, but it does contribute to the outside views of the country and its citizens.

Increasing Technology

With increasing technology and new product releases happening each day, the American society is constantly changing and shifting into new platforms. Expansion of social media, mobile gadgets and the ability to instantly communicate with others is also another way that American society differs from countries that are underdeveloped or only slowly moving forward with advancements.

Corporate Ladder Structure

The American corporate ladder structure sets the country apart from underdeveloped countries or locations around the world that work entirely different from capitalism.

The corporate ladder structure in America is what drives most citizens to work hard, get a proper education and find a career that will generate the most profits and the largest salary. The corporate ladder structure in America also contributes to the entire consumerism population in the country.

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