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money scrabbleMoney is the root of all evil, some people say. Money is the drug of the masses, some people say, I personally agree with both to a certain extent.

Money is the root cause of a lot of the evils in the world, there is nobody out there who can deny that.Money also is addictive, everyone slaves away their lives in pursuit of money and for what? It is frightening how insignificant money is but at the same time we couldn’t live without it.

There is no way you can get by without it, you fundamentally cannot buy food or drink without money and that in itself is so sad. The world has developed in a way that has given money an overarching precedence over everything else.

People go crazy in search of money, they murder, rape, steal, all to get their hands on these little pieces of paper.

This article will provide detail of the three fundamental reasons why money is so important to people and the successful and efficient running of the planet.


Money is the fundamental driver of the world. It is what gets people out of bed, it is what people work for and it is ultimately what people die for in the end. There are just so many professions out there designed to utilize money, take Brett Lankeser for example, a wealth manager.

Imagine that job title 1000 years ago. The world is an evolving organism and money is the fundamental driving factor why we are diversifying and evolving as a planet. Without money these new technologies and wonderful innovations just wouldn’t be around.

Money really does make the world go round and that to me is a pretty sad state of affairs but there is also no way around that. We cannot just stop using money as the currency of the world, I don’t even think worldwide revolution would help to implement that.


Money is all about survival, that’s why so many people crave it and strive to get as much of it as possible. There are just so many different ways in which people can get money and it is that freedom that enables crime to run in existence with hard work. We are all desperate beings at the end of the day and money is our drug.

We are slaves to the currency and without this addiction we would not be able to survive. People who lose everything still need and crave money to survive, the paradoxical situations on this planet that are related to money are just frightening to me.


People crave money so they can get the balance between life and work down to a tee. This is another thing I find frightening, people work to get 28 days off a year, realistically what can you do in 28 days? I genuinely believe the purpose of life is to explore as much of the natural world as possible and working that many days a year is certainly not conducive for travel and exploration.

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