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coupon-salesMost people in today’s economy could use a few tips to make their dollar stretch a little further.

For some, couponing has been the ticket.

It may be hard to believe that those seemingly insignificant coupons can actually save you 20%-90% off your weekly grocery bill.

But, when you put couponing into practice with time, effort and organization, you will soon see the savings add up at the register and in your wallet.

Benefits of Couponing

– Be in control of your grocery budget
– Build a stockpile of food and household items
– Use the extra money for things you really want
– Afford to share items with friends and family

Change the Way You Think and Shop

For most people, grocery shopping begins by making a list of the items needed and then heading to the store to buy them regardless of what is on sale.

This way of thinking stops here. Instead, the new goal is to find out what is on sale, coordinate the sale items with the coupons you have, then plan your menu around those items.

Collect Coupons

Coupons can come from many different sources. The Sunday paper is an excellent source, and the more copies you can get your hands on the better. Ask your neighbors. Most people who get the daily newspaper toss their coupons out and would be happy to share them with you.

Coupons can also come by regular mail and email and can be found on the internet. Check various websites for the items you buy often. See if they have a mailing list and sign up. Often, they will send coupons directly to your inbox.

If you have several friends interested in couponing, you can start a trade with them. Set up a time each week to get together to clip and trade coupons.


Keeping your coupons organized is essential. You must know what you have and use coupons before they expire. Many different forms of organization can be used.

For starters, you can buy a photo book with clear pages from the dollar store. Once you have collected more coupons than you can fit, you may wish to invest in a binder with clear pages and separators.

Finding the Sales

Most major grocers include their sales add in the weekly paper or neighborhood mailer. If a sales add is not delivered to you directly, you can pick up ads up from the store themselves or find out how to get on their mailing list.

Using a PDF Creator, you can scan messy coupons organize them more easily, but make sure the coupon doesn’t mention that copies are not allowed.

Make note of the days the sale items are good for. Most items will be on sale for a full week, but some stores offer several items for amazing discounts for a few select days during the week.

Clearance Bins

Most stores have a clearance shelf. Find out where this treasure chest is kept. Often, these shelves have items priced so low that when combined with a coupon, the store will actually pay you at check-out.

Meal Planning

It’s important to be able to plan meals around the items you are purchasing. Remember that making changes can be a little difficult for everyone. It requires time, patience and diligence to acquire a new skill.

Yet, it is important to learn new recipes you can prepare using your stockpile in order to keep you from running to the store to pay full price and slip back into old habits.

One Step at a Time

Keep in mind that couponing is a science that must be learned, and you will get better over time. Have patience with yourself. Eventually all these changes will become second nature and you will be amazed at what you have stored and how much you have saved.

This article was written by Susan Fletcher, a mom and freelance writer.


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