Citizenship A Possibility In Obama’s Immigration Plan

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obama immigrationPresident Barack Obama is currently backing a plan for immigration. The plan would include a way for immigrants who came to this country illegally to become citizens of the United States.

It has been a hard road with partisan politics playing a rough game. The problem needed to be addressed is how to find a good way to let undocumented immigrants earn legal status, without rewarding them over immigrants who come to America legally.

How to Become a Citizen
Obama’s plan would call for workers to become a citizen through completing various tasks. The most important tasks that the immigrant must do to become a citizen is to file and pay taxes as well as passing background checks.

The whole process is set to take about eight years for the immigrant to become a citizen. The plan would also provide a harsher restrictions for businesses that hire undocumented workers.

These workers are often paid less than minimum wage and are treated to poor working conditions. The plan also includes a revision of the United States court system to give immigrants an easier chance to get into America.

Obama believes this immigration plan could end up helping the United States. By tapping into the resources of the qualified immigrants could help our economy and that would be a benefit to all of America.

Problems Obama is Facing 
Although Obama is excited and ready to present the plan to Congress, many Republicans are unhappy with the proposal and ready to dismiss it when it hits the floor of Congress. Many Republicans believe this plan is merely a partisan political move based on Obama’s high Hispanic votes in the November election.

They feel it rewards immigrants who come to America illegally. The main opposition to the plan comes from a lack of a guest-worker program. A guest-worker program would allow for immigrants to fill jobs where there are shortages of employees to fill the open jobs.

Guest-worker programs are often backed by large corporations and disliked by labor unions. Republicans also claim that Obama should be more focused on finding a way to reduce our deficit. However, Obama is planning to use this plan as leverage in order to open talks to the Republicans about a budget plan.

Currently the Obama administration wants to hurry this through Congress to begin budget talks before automatic cuts slash funding to both our nations defense and programs aimed to help the middle class.

Although Obama and his administration have backed this immigration plan there is still a long way to go. With many people in Congress criticizing the plan it could be a long way before any parts of this plan are enacted. There is also currently another plan in Congress being created by eight senators.

It is considered to by a bipartisan proposal and has a good possibility to come on the floor the same time as the plan backed by the Obama Administration. It may be a long road before immigrants could become citizens, but with this proposal a possibility remains on the table.

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