Cutting the Cost of Your Electricity Bill

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With the colder months approaching, it is likely you will be taking steps to stay warm throughout the winter season. With raising energy costs, the last thing you want to do is spend more than you need to on your electricity bill. Some simple updates to your home or apartment can dramatically lower your energy bill. You could save yourself over a hundred dollars a month, and that extra money could be used for other things!

Drafty Windows

Do you feel a draft coming through your windows? If this is the case, there is a significant¬† amount of heat you are letting out of your house. Purchase a caulking gun and seal the outside edges of your window. This will prevent cold air from coming into your house, and it will prevent any warm air from getting released. This is very common with older homes, and it’s expensive to change windows. Caulking windows costs under $10, and is a great alternative to buying new windows.

Washing Clothes

High efficiency washers and dryers cut back on energy bills, water, and detergent. Although if you cannot afford a high efficiency washer and dryer, there are still ways to cut back on your bills. The most expensive part of washing clothes is heating the water. Opt out of using hot water to wash your clothes. Instead, using cold water can eliminate the unnecessary extra costs of hot water on your bill.

Cut Down On Showering Times

As relaxing as an hour long hot shower may seem, it is incredibly wasteful. Cut down your shower time to no more than fifteen minutes. You will conserve much more water, and you will see a significant decrease in your energy bill costs. Keep in mind, you don’t have to wash your hair everyday. Purchase dry shampoo to further cut down on your showering time.

Program Your Thermostat

While you are not home, there is no need to keep the thermostat as high as you would have it when you are actually home. While you are home you should keep it around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This will also keep your bill at a reasonable cost.¬† Program the thermostat so it turns down about ten degrees when you are not home. Although you should be careful if you have pets. Take into consideration on colder days to keep the heat up so they don’t freeze. By programing your thermostat you can save over $100 a month on your energy bill.

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