Does Size Always Matter? Choose a House with Efficient Square Footage

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Have you ever seen those real estate packages that offer a “charming cottage” on a small plot of land? When you actually see the home, it turns out to be a 900 square foot cube that miraculously fits every single item needed for daily life into an extremely small amount of space.

Do people actually live in these houses? How do they perform all the activities of regular life, get along with their family members and manage to be happy in such a small space?

Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways to make a residence like this work. It’s not just about using space creatively but also knowing what your family’s needs are on a regular basis. For example, you don’t have to keep a home-based office or an arts and crafts office if you spend very little time there. Why pay for the additional maintenance and figure in the extra utilities for unnecessary room? Instead, talk to your real estate agent about realistic goals and how you would like to spend your time on the property.

Once you have looked at the potential of a home, then you’ll be able to figure out the price per square foot is a worthy deal. While this same concept applies to commercial real estate, it’s just as important for families. The houses you buy over your lifetime can be a great investment into your financial future. Consider what kind of appeal they would have to a future renter if you decide to purchase another home later on and rent it out to someone else.

With all that being said, don’t be afraid of a smaller home. Many families have started out in properties just like this and have been very happy. It doesn’t require a large investment in furniture, it helps you save money while you build equity and teaches you how to make the most of any real estate deal. If you look at every potential purchase like this, then you’ll be more open minded rather than simply write it off based on size.

Your real estate agent can make recommendations, but it’s up to you for a final choice. This could help you bring out your more creative side and also discover that you can live quite well in small spaces. If you decide otherwise, then you’ll have your own “charming cottage” to place on the market and pass on to another real estate investor

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