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Make money buying and selling online

The internet is a great equalizer that enables us all to become businessmen.

We all need more money. Many people need to find a new way to earn an income as many jobs have been lost in the last few years. Even for those of us with a job, it would be nice to be able to get another source of income without the daily commitment that comes along with a second job. Fortunately there are new ways being developed to make money online.

One of the most time honored ways to make money is to become a middleman. Find two people that want to make an exchange, and put yourself between them. One method for doing this online is to become an auction assistant. Auction assistants help people sell their products online typically taking a 20% to 30% commission on the sold items.

Buy low and sell high. Find items around town and sell them on your own website or through eBay. Look in garage sells and thrift stores for good bargains. Then auction them off for a profit online. This method can be combined with being an auction assistant for extra income. Its also possible to do the opposite. Find items in online auctions that a specialty collector might want. This is harder as it requires building a network of collectors, but is potentially more lucrative.

Another method for making money online is to start selling your own (or a friends) products. Find a friend that paints or makes their own crafts and begin selling their products online. Handbags and clothing are great examples of products that people have made fortunes making and selling online.

If you can write, draw, take photos, edit images, or design graphics then it is easy to find a way to market those skills online. Every business website needs artwork and copy to promote their products and make the page more attractive. Search for a website where you can freelance your skills to make money online without the hassle of a former job.

Getting rich online might be a foolish dream, but making a decent income is not. The nice thing about many online income sources is that you are your own boss. That means that there is no one there to tell you when you have to start work, but it also means that you have to learn to push yourself. The income that you produce is directly tied to your ability and your work ethic.

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