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industry investmentsToday’s business world is always evolving. New inventions, new trends, new technology – they each alter the landscape in a completely different way. To stay ahead the curve, sometimes it’s best to avoid the curve altogether.

Instead of trusting the often fanciful trends of the public, you should stick to a more reliable industry. Read on for some of today’s more stable fields, however, keep in mind that the only thing predictable in business is that business is unpredictable.


It has been around for hundreds of years (back when it actually referred to ships) and has evolved in many ways, but the basic idea remains the same – move product from manufacturer to consumer. Sure, globalization leads to more expedited methods (i.e. by air, by freighter, by rail), but simultaneous localization is growing rapidly. Add that to the advanced technology in fleet maintenance, and this is a field that will be strong until the day of teleportation.

Digital development

On the other hand, this is a field that has not yet stood the test of time, but it has dug itself in and proven to be fairly indispensable. As our lives move further and further into the ‘cloud,’ we are relying more on coding and web development every year.

Writing software, building websites, creating applications – these are all services that come in high demand today and don’t look like they are disappearing any time soon.

Green Technology

There’s no denying the gradual worldwide shift towards environmentally friendly practices. As more data is released, we have more and more trouble ignoring man’s effect on the planet.

Mix in the increasing funding for sustainable energy and alternative technology, and this industry is in no danger of evaporating in the near future. One word of advice – do your homework. For as many companies that succeed in green technology, many will also falter.


As long as there are people, there will be someone taking care of them – and it’s only grown throughout history. Between the power of Big Pharma and increasing legislation, the healthcare industry has never looked more appealing for investors. However, this acts as a double-edged sword.

The very interference of government into the industry could help providers at first, until it expands into direct competition with the country’s most successful companies. Be conscientious of this fact and watch closely as Washington makes its moves.

When it comes to investing, nothing is certain. The trick is to understand this fact going in and to do your best to minimize your risk. Sure, 3D printers might be big now, but so was Betamax. Educate yourself on fleet maintenance research new green tech, and you might find that a long, stable investment will pay off much more than a quick flash in the pan.

Jason Sherman is a former accountant and enjoys writing about financial news and offers money advice to his readers.

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