How Much Does a Funeral Cost?

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Some people do not pause to consider the cost of a funeral until they are forced to plan one. Others, however, will research the cost of a funeral as a part of their estate planning efforts. For example, you may be curious to know what a funeral costs when you are estimating how much life insurance you need to purchase for your beneficiaries. The fact is that the cost of a funeral can vary based on a number of factors that range from what type of flowers are chosen for the service to whether the remains are buried or cremated. A closer look at the costs can help you to plan for the event.

A Burial Service

The costs of a burial service can vary by factors such as what type of headstone and coffin are chosen, if a horse drawn carriage or vehicular transport are used during the service and more. For example, an environmentally friendly cardboard coffin is priced around 90 pounds while a willow coffin is priced around $1,500. A limo hire or hearse is approximately $400 while a horse-drawn carriage is approximately $1,500. A low-end burial service may be completed for under $3,000 while a luxury service may be closer to $6,000 or $7,000.

A Cremation Service

While some choose to be buried in a coffin, others choose to have their remains cremated. The burial of cremated remains is estimated around $300, the cremation service is about $600, cremation certificates are about $200. These costs are combined with other expenses like minister fees, an urn, a memorial or plaque marker and more. The typical combined cost of a cremation service is approximately $4,000.


Other Related Expenses

While there are many expenses to pay for with both a cremation service and a burial service that are specific to the type of funeral arrangements being made, there are other expenses that are standard for both types of services. For example, flowers are usually purchased for the church service. While some friends and family members may send flowers, usually the person planning the funeral will order flowers as well. You can realistically plan to spend about $300 on these flowers, but the cost can vary significantly based on the type of flowers used, the size and number of arrangements and more. An announcement in the newspaper is usually made, and this can be estimated around $100. Further, transportation for the family may be required or preferred for both a cremation and a burial. For each limo rented, you may anticipate spending approximately $400.

The fact is that death may occur after a long illness, providing loved ones with ample time to budget for this event. In many cases, however, death occurs unexpectedly, and paying for a funeral can create financial hardship on a family. With this in mind, most people will benefit from purchasing a life insurance policy. A life insurance policy can provide death benefits that can be used to cover the funeral expenses, and it may also provide financial support for the family for months or years after death.

This is a guest post.  Darren is a Life Insurance Specialist from Sydney, Australia. He says that more and more people are taking out affordable life insurance policies to save their family from the unexpected expenses of a funeral. Away from work, Darren is a cinema buff and likes to spend time with his friends and family.

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