How to Make Extra Money on the Side

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Are you in a pinch and need to know how to make extra money on the side?  With cost of living increasing and salaries decreasing, middle class families are trying to cut corners, save where they can and find ways to supplement their income.

How to Make Extra Money on the Side

How to Make Extra Money on the Side

In the last month or so, we’ve been reviewing our site stats to identify which articles are most read and shared from each category.

As you can imagine, articles related to making extra money garner a lot of attention.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to compile a short list of sources for making extra money on the side.  It took us weeks to finally decide on which offers to present to our readers.

We know everyone is on a different level when it comes to making money. Additionally, we know that not everyone has the same amount of time, skill set and resources to make extra money on the side.

Some people need an easy way to just bring in gas money.  Others want more advanced opportunities.  Then there are those who are searching for the right path to make their own way.  The good news is, all of these options already exist.

It’s just a matter for finding what works for you.

The following resources will show you how to make extra money on the side.  Click on each link to learn more about your options.

 Nextgen Paid Surveys

If you just want to make a few extra bucks each month, like pocket change or gas money, then consider taking online surveys.  Big box companies create their marketing campaigns based on feedback from consumers like you.

Surveys connect those big companies with consumers just like you.  They’re simple and easy.  You login, answer questions, fill out forms and collect payment.

Maybe you’ve considered taking surveys in the past but didn’t know where or how to find them.  Or perhaps, you didn’t know how to identify the real opportunities.  Now you can have one place to find all the surveys you can complete while putting some money in your pockets on a regular basis.

Nextgen Paid Surveys system compiles those surveys in one convenient place for you.  This site allows to you to login, select surveys that fit your interest and then you simply fill out the forms and make some extra money on the side.

 How to Start a Blog That Matters

As you may have guessed by now, the internet is a great place to start your own business.  Why?  Because there is very little cost depending on the type of business you start.

It allows you the freedom to literally work from anywhere in the world.  As long as you have an internet connection you will be able to run your internet business.

I can tell you from personal experience that it’s truly wonderful to be able to fly to California or Florida to visit family and still be able to log in and make updates to your blog.

Depending on how you choose to monetize your business, you can be paid daily, weekly or monthly.  How’s that for extra money on the side?

Corbett Barr will take you step by step into starting your own successful blog.  He explains what you need to do, provides helpful resources and takes you from conception to marketing to profit.

If you’ve ever wondered how to get your own successful website, communicating with world and making money this is your chance to make it happen.  You can either keep wondering or you can go with an experienced professional who will show you how to make your dream a reality.

Whether you hate your job, don’t have a job or just want the opportunity to make more money, this is the most cost efficient way to start a small business.  It doesn’t require a physical brick and mortar space (even though you will be able to write off your office space come tax time).  As you have probably guessed by now, this is my favorite option to make extra money from home.  It’s up to you of course but I highly recommend Start a Blog that Matters.  Take a look for yourself and start your new life of freedom.

 Penny Stock Egghead

I’m going to be honest with you.  I’ve always been curious about penny stocks.  Unfortunately, I’ve never had the resources or knowledge to confidently pursue any real action.  Now that has changed.

Seek and ye shall find.  This option is for the more financially ambitious.  The good news is it doesn’t require the kind of money that Wall Street demands before you see any real profits.

Are you in a position to take a small chance with a big payout?  Would you like to learn more about stocks and how to make a lot of money from pennies?  Literally pennies!  If so, this is your opportunity to make that goal a reality.

Nathan Gold is a veteran penny stock investor.  He provides step by step guidance with an 8 Week Trading Test Drive.  He delivers weekly stock suggestions and support as you venture into building your own portfolio.

I can’t say enough about this program or about the opportunity it provides for anyone who wants to start investing without risking a lot of money.  Click on the link to watch Nathan’s video and start investing in penny stocks.

Green App Machine

Okay, so for every person who simply wants to make a few extra bucks a week, there is someone who wants to take things to an even higher level.

We all know that smart phone apps are really REALLY big business right now.  iPhone apps have taken nameless nobodies to millionaire status.

If you’ve ever considered creating your own smart phone application but didn’t have the resources or the knowhow, this is your opportunity to get everything you need from one source.  One extremely reliable source.

You don’t need to have coding experience or even a big budget marketing plan.  All you need is an idea.  How many creative ideas have you had that could have already changed your life?  All it takes is one idea that will make life easier for someone else.

Dylan has developed automated software that will help you create your very own app.  He then provides resources that guide your progress from idea to creation to development to marketing to sales.  Where else can you find all of this?

I can’t stress how awesome it is to be able to make something as cool as a smart phone app and then actually see it listed in Apple or Android’s app store.

This option is not for those who just want pocket change.  If you want to get out there and really do something big, then this option is for you.  Not only will you learn how to make extra money on the side, you will probably improve your quality of life.

I’ll be honest you, I’m not at the app development level.  I do however know someone from Toronto who sold his website so he could focus solely on app development.  The last I heard from him, he and his wife were expanding.  They now have a small team working with them to crank out even more apps.

If you have what it takes – either the ideas or the desire – click on the link to watch Dylan’s video and learn more about his Green App Machine offer.

Regardless of which offer you decide to take, please remember that is about making a change.  This is about being able to take control of your finances.  It’s up to you how you do it.  I can tell you though, that the sooner you get started, the better.

Please share your experiences in the comment box below.  We welcome your feedback about each program and your results.


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