How to Save Money Fast

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How to Save Money FastIf you are serious about how to save money fast, there are a bunch of ways that you can accomplish it!

You first need to sit down and list all of your monthly expenses that you HAVE to pay. Like pesky rent or mortgage things.

Then list the things you spend money on that are not necessities: cable, movies out or rentals, eating out, junk food in, smoking, alcohol and any other little things you really do not need for survival; coffee does not apply here for me, I cannot survive without it! But I can survive without $5 a cup Starbucks.

Those are the kinds of things you need to figure out next. What you can or want to do totally without, and what you can substitute for something else much cheaper. Fast food is a huge money waster. If you want to save money fast, stop eating out! Take a week and write down everything you spend, every single penny!

When you have your list start slashing the things you can get along without at least temporarily while you learn how to save money fast. Recruit your family and friends to help you save money; have a co-worker pack lunches with you for 30 days rather than going out every day.

If you spend $8/day eating lunch out five days a week, that totals $40. If you brown bag it for a month let’s say at a cost of $2/day by the end of the month you will have saved $120 just by changing ONE habit. That is how to save money fast.

Tackle just a few things at once. The brown bag lunches, and Starbucks coffee ($5/day times 5 days+ $25 a week. Coffee in a travel mug from home $5/week. Savings in a month $80) you just saved $200 in a single month with just changing two habits, not excluding anything but changing the way you do it.

Then there is the Cable television, can you do without it? Do you really watch it enough to really be paying probably $50/month? Could you save money that way also? There are quite a few ways that you can learn how to save money fast.

One of the biggest ways that you can save money fast if you are a smoker, is to quit smoking. But that is much easier said than done. You can take steps to quit by substituting a pack of nicorette gum for a pack of cigarettes. This may not be your ideal way to save money, but if you can do it, you’ll improve your health and save money at the same time.

It really is easy to learn how to save money fast if you are willing to sacrifice and change some habits.


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