Image Isn’t Everything

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There are companies that the public loves to hate. Whether they’re seen as being unfair to workers or poisoning the planet, these companies have a negative public image. Despite that negative image, they continue to make money and keep investors happy.

Who else could top a list of the most hated companies but the largest tobacco company in America? Phillip Morris has returned over $12 billion in dividends during the last three years. All of those earnings came despite losing 5 million potential global customers annually to tobacco-related death.

Walmart is an easy target for those denouncing corporate America. Walmart employees are 25 percent of the work force. The chain produces more pollution than any other nation, except China and the United States.

Still, Walmart shares are high, paying out over $4.50 in common stock dividends.

Bank of America rounds out the top three of companies that are hated by the public. Bank of America is the second largest bank in America, and posts some of the largest industry profits.

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