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With the current economic climate, learning a new skill has never been more inviting. There are many ways to improve your income with just a little time spent learning something that is useful to others. The internet is a gold mine of information if you know where to look and what to learn.

Some people find it hard to focus on learning a skill well enough to make some serious money from it. Concentrating on one new skill is often the hardest part of any education exercise, but if you can master the techniques to learning and you will soon be able to see the rewards.

What is Required to Make Money Online?

If you are going to make a career or a side income from the internet, you need to have the correct approach. Most people do not anticipate the commitment that is involved when forging an income from online learning. If you are going to make a success of your learning time, you need to approach it with a professional outlook.

The idea that you can slip five minutes in here and there to learn something, which you will be able to depend for an income is unrealistic. In order to make the most of your time, you need to organise a timetable. There are some things, which you should consider before you start learning anything.

  • 1.       How long do you have before you need an income?
  • 2.       How much time can you commit to learning each day or week?
  • 3.       What level of income do you need to generate?
  • 4.       Will your training need professional qualifications?
  • 5.       Are you prepared to pay for training or does it need to be completely free?

With the answers to the above questions in hand, you can make a clear plan of where your learning will take you over a set period of time. You should draw up learning timetables and manage your time so that you always meet your learning commitments.

Choosing your Subject

When you are making your mind up about which subject you want to learn, it would be a good idea to know what can be learnt online with little or no expense. Technology subjects are very popular online. There are thousands of YouTube videos, which demonstrate what you need to know about programming, graphic design and almost anything that needs a computer to perform. If you have no technically skills, there are websites, which can teach you skills that are useful to everyone. You can learn everything from home crafts through to writing or ‘blogging’.


Finding Like Minded People

You should always try to speak to others who have been in your position when you are trying to learn a new skill. Forums that are set up for people to talk about your chosen subject are a good place to find people who will offer free advice. One of the best places to meet professionals, who have worked through the same situation as you, is LinkedIn professional network. LinkedIn is a social networking website that attracts people from all professions. You can set up a group or join a group that is already established that is full of people in whatever industry you want to learn about.

The people 

who frequent LinkedIn will usually offer free advice to anyone who is trying to break in to their industry, because it elevates their own status. It is common for people to be recruited directly from these groups and this is why they are a wealth of information as people try to prove their skill level by sharing knowledge with each other.

Learning for Fun

If you have no real need to create an income, you should learn something that is going to provide enjoyment. If you have always wanted to learn a language, learn about fine wines or learn how to cook an excellent meal, you can do all this free online.  There are many websites set up by enthusiasts who have little intention of making money from their visitors.

In certain circumstances, you could learn a new skill that is both fun, and will enable you to make money. Of course, any money earned through this method would be unlikely to be a substitute or even a supplemental income. Learning to play Poker is a great way to pass away some hours and if you become an accomplished player, there is a lot of money available for winners. You do not need to pay to enter some competitions, with a certain number of ‘free rolls’ available for people who want to play for free.

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