Medical Negligence – Guilty or Not Guilty?

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Hospitals, clinics and other healthcare buildings are places where people expect to receive the appropriate level of treatment in order to recover from whatever illness or injury they may have.

In the majority of cases, patients get what they need, whether it’s an operation, diagnosis, general care or medication, but there are instances where some patients suffer from medical negligence, where the hospital, clinic or medical professional doesn’t give them the right level of care. Being such a broad term, medical negligence is hard to define, but for someone who thinks they’ve suffered from it, they’ll want justice.

Medical Solicitors

If someone wants to take action after being subject to medical negligence, they may want to hire medical solicitors in order to make a compensation claim against whoever’s at fault. However, if their case gets far enough to reach the law courts, there are a number of obstacles in the way of the plaintiff which may prevent a quick, easy decision on whether their claim is successful.

Before making a claim, there are a few things the plaintiff must do before they hire a solicitor or lawyer. First, they should have sufficient evidence to hand: this should comprise of medical records, proof of financial losses incurred after the incident of medical negligence and anything else confirming physical suffering and the culpability of the medical body involved. Next, they should know how much compensation they are entitled to, and after that, they should actually make the claim.

Getting Ready

After preparing for a medical negligence claim with the help of legal experts such as those from, the plaintiff and defendant will most likely be preparing their respective cases in front of a panel of legal experts at least once. Towards the end of the claiming process, the panel will talk about the merits of the arguments put forward by the plaintiff and defendant before reaching a decision on whether the plaintiff wins or loses their claim.

If the plaintiff’s claim for compensation is successful, they will be awarded a lump sum of financial compensation which depends on the severity of the injury or illness sustained as well as the length of recovery time needed and the financial cost to them. If unsuccessful, the plaintiff will have to pay the defendant’s legal fees, but if they hire a no win no fee legal professional, they won’t have to pay them a single cent or penny.

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