Negotiating Rates When Staying At A Hotel

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hotel-roomMany hotels are planning to raise their rates in the coming year. You may find that your hotel is charging a rate that is a little outside your price range.

A good hotel manager will want to make sure that they keep your business. You may be able to convince them to lower your rate if you negotiate effectively.

Rates Are Negotiable

Stuary Wilson and Leslie Miller both spent their entire careers working in the hotel industry. Miller recently revealed that all of the major hotels she worked at were willing to negotiate rates with their guests. You may be able to considerably reduce the cost of your stay if you are willing to negotiate.

Here are some tips that you may want to consider trying.

Know why they lower Rates

The person at the front desk may want to give the impression that rates are fixed. However, their policy will almost always allow and even encourage them to negotiate rates. Hotels don’t have these policies in place to be nice.

They want to avoid losing money by keeping rooms filled. They will be more inclined to rent a room out during a bad economy or any period when people aren’t making as many reservations.

Ask About Promotional Rates

Hotels list a number of different rates for all of their rooms. You should ask about different promotional rates that are available. For instance, you may receive a better deal if you have a certain number of guests in your party.

Plan Ahead

Hotels are always willing to negotiate with their guests. However, you will have the best chance to get a better deal if you try to do so ahead of time. Call the hotel in advance and try to make your reservation as far ahead of time as possible. Also, make sure that you call the actual hotel you will be staying at. The 1-800 numbers can’t usually provide the discounted rates to their customers.

Show Hesitation before Taking a Price

The staff at the front desk will be willing to lower the rates when you show that you are not satisfied with them. Show some hesitation before agreeing to a price. The staff will often lower the rate. You can have rate lowered even further if you maintain your hesitation.

Talk to the Manager

The manager has the most authority to negotiate. You should ask to speak with them if you aren’t happy with the rate that the staff offers at the front desk and they don’t feel that they can lower the rate any further.

Knowing When Not to Negotiate

Negotiating is smart to do when you know that the hotel may have a hard time filling the room. However, you should be careful about negotiating when there is a lot of demand for the room. As a general rule of thumb, try not to negotiate when a major event or convention is taking place.

They know that they can fill the room easily and won’t need to negotiate with you at that point. Negotiating can be helpful in some situations, but you also don’t want to press your luck and lose out on a room when the price is already pretty good.

About the Author: Kalen is a technology entrepreneur. He recently stayed at the Comfort Inn Hotel in Oklahoma City Oklahoma during a trip to the Midwestern United States for a business convention.

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