Secrets To Successful Relationship Building

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business relationhipsRelationships are the building blocks of any successful business. Every interaction is important and you can’t take loyalty for granted.

In an effort to keep your clients and vendors happy, there is a certain professionalism and respect that must always be maintained.

In business and in life, your word is your bond. In order to maintain solid relationships, you need to stay true to your word and follow through on expectations you set for yourself and your business. When you make a commitment to a client or vendor, it must be kept.

You should also regularly follow up with your clients and vendors. You don’t want to wait until you need a favour from a vendor or a payment from a client before you make contact with them. Maybe instead of calling a client to request payment, you can get into the habit of sending out an email thanking clients for their payments once they are received.

Another key is expressing sincere interest in their business and their success. View the relationship as a mutually beneficial endeavour and that improvements or advancements at either end can enhance the partnership as a whole.

You can gently probe them for leads that could help build new relationships. There is nothing wrong with using the people you know to branch out and build your network.

You should also set up meetings to touch base and assess ways you both can further benefit from the relationship. Pay attention to the personal details they choose to share and keep track of them. It is a wonderful touch when you remember a client’s birthday, anniversary or things related to their business or profession.

Keeping existing contacts happy is first priority, but you also need to look at ways to build new relationships. Companies are becoming much more strategic when it comes to their marketing efforts and you have to keep up with the pace.

If you do not have a strong online presence, including social media, you won’t be able to expand at the same rate as a competitor who does.

According to’s article Why and How to Build Relationships with Website Comments, you can open your website up to comments on posts to build new relationships. When it is open forum, it keeps the content fresh and generates new ideas and leads.

Consumers like to feel that their opinion matters and that your business is willing to listen to their concerns. They also like to see what others are saying about your business, what it offers and of course, they want to see what responses to their comment, which makes your site open to more repeat visits.

Don’t take any relationship or any opportunity to build a new relationship for granted. If you don’t take care of your clients, they will quickly find a one of your competitors who is willing to do it for you. If you don’t pay your suppliers on time, they can easily stop delivering their services on time. Follow these secrets to successful relationship building and watch as your business grows.

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